'Camping' star David Tennant is all praises for the 13th 'Doctor Who' - Jodie Whittaker

David Tennant believes that although initially fans are critical about a new cast, they eventually accept them on a show.

                            'Camping' star David Tennant is all praises for the 13th 'Doctor Who' - Jodie Whittaker

David Tennant, who is starring opposite to Jennifer Garner in Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner's new show, 'Camping' on HBO, knows exactly what it's like to play the 900-year-old Time Lord (now Time Lady) in the cult series 'Doctor Who'. Although recently, Tennant has been taking up rather light characters such as the submissive, easily beaten down, such as Walt in Dunham's show (or as Simon in Shaun Pye's BBC4 show 'There She Goes'), the actor is best known as the 11th Doctor in the 50 years old 'Doctor Who's series. 

Recently during an interview, along with his 'Camping' co-star Garner, Tennant spoke about how he always thought that Jodie Whittaker is the perfect choice to play the Time Lady. While speaking with Collider, when asked if he has watched the new season in the series, which is portraying the recent re-incarnation of the Doctor as a female for the first time, Tennant said, "I thought it was thrilling and exciting. It was brilliant. I’ve always thought she was a great choice, and she proved to be exactly that. I think it’s great that there’s another Doctor, for a new generation of girls and boys."


Tennant has always been in support of a female 'Doctor Who' as a completely new form the Time Lord in the present era. While several followers and viewers of the show have somewhat cringed at the idea of the legendary Time Lord, who re-incarnates every time after his death and comes back in another era with another body, Tennant has always been up for the idea. As the Doctor is supposed to return following his death, the character has been played by at least 13 actors over 50 years.

Now that the Doctor has regenerated itself as a woman for the very first time, Tennant said, "It makes perfect sense in the show. It doesn’t alter the essence of the show, actually. And most important, Jodie’s a great choice and she’s as brilliant as I knew she would be.”


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To sum things up Tennant also stated that it is the age-old ritual for fans to reject anything new in a classic show, and later embrace it as their own. "You would always find some people going, ‘This is not the Doctor I want.' And then always, what happens is, the new Doctor arrives, and everyone goes, ‘I love the new Doctor! Who was the old one?’ And that’s why that show has managed to reinvent itself for 55 years.” Tennant is widely known as the 11th Doctor on the cult series; other than that, the actor has left his mark on the big screen for playing unusual characters in most which he was required to be either non-human or be the coolest creature alive. 

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However, with his character Walt on Dunham and Konner's show, 'Camping,' the actor has shown us that he is just as capable of playing a normal household man with a hat and a pair of shorts. During the interview with Collider, he also stated, "It’s quite a relief. I spend a lot of my time playing characters where I have to pretend to be much cooler and suaver than I really am. It’s very nice just to lean back and be a little bit of a dork."

'Camping' is now airing on HBO every Sunday at 10 p.m.