'Camping' Cast: Jennifer Garner says, all mothers can be "controlling" in their own ways

Along with returning on television to star in Lena Dunham's show 'Camping', Garner hopes that she will be called in as guest for 'Ali

                            'Camping' Cast: Jennifer Garner says, all mothers can be "controlling" in their own ways

Lena Dunham directed 'Camping,' starring Jennifer Garner and David Tennant, failed to strike a right chord with the audience as the pilot episode premiered this Sunday, October 14. However, Garner's fans, ever since her stint in 'Alias,' had been waiting for her television comeback. The actress, who has been busy over the years starring in rom-coms and action movies, certainly picked the right project, especially coming from the 'Girls' creator and actress. 

As the first episode revealed Kathryn's obsessive, compulsive, and dominating nature, the '13 Going on 30' actress believes her character resonates with quite many mothers who she says are a little bit dominating when it comes to managing their families. Of her character's bizarreness, Garner told Rolling Stone in an interview: "I think most moms that I know are pretty nice, but yeah, we can all be controlling in our own ways and think that we know the best. I’m sure I have had those moments, by the way. I don’t for a second think that I haven’t been every bit of Kathryn at different moments with a different kid. You just go through what you go through. But Kathryn’s pretty hardcore." 


Since Dunham is known to draw her characters around her own life and all the crisis that comes with it, it was pretty evident that the 'Girls' actress' recent hysterectomy would come under focus through Kathryn. Dunham had already confirmed that Kathryn will depict the hardships of chronic illness (Dunham couldn't attend the show's premiere on Wednesday due to chronic illness) and after the first episode aired, it has become pretty evident that Kathryn herself suffers from various physical ailments. 

Talking about the hardships which come with it, Garner stated, "It’s that you’re in pain, people don’t believe you, they dismiss you, they tell you-you're misdiagnosed. You go through this surgery, you go through that surgery, you go through another surgery — each one is a really, really huge deal and they all amount to nothing."



Although Garner is not as public as Dunham about her life, she surely has quite a popular Instagram account, unlike her character who has been cultivating her 11,000 Instagram followers. However, Garner believes that it is the Instagram account that helps Kathryn keep up with her ambitions of leading.

Garner explained, "Mine is just me being goofy, and she actually feels like she gets a lot of validation from this group of women. And I think it helps her to feel like a leader somewhere. I do not feel like a leader on Instagram. My assistant edits and shoots and does all of this, and she says to me, “I just take the bits where you look the stupidest, where I’m making the most fun of you, and I put them together and put them to music.” And I say, “OK. Well, whatever makes you happy.” If it makes us laugh then sure, why not."


With 'Camping' Garner returns to TV but at the same time, the actress is hopeful that her previous spy-ridden show, 'Alias' which had seen the actress as a badass spy with a pink wig on would return. Although there are talks about the show coming back, it will probably not be a revival since the older cast will not resume their role. However, Garner would love to come back to 'Alias.' She told Hollywood Reporter: "I mean, it would be totally different. But if they didn't have me on as a guest, I would be very, very angry. But I can't imagine it being that serious yet because I haven't heard anything about it at all."

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow on J.J. Abram's 'Alias'. (IMDb)
Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow on J.J. Abram's 'Alias'. (IMDb)


While she has been working on the big screen for the longest time, the 'Peppermint' actress was probably aware that one day she would return to TV; hence the transition with Dunham's show didn't come as a big surprise. "It was a job. And it was shot in L.A., and the words were genius, and Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham were a pair that anyone would be so lucky to work with. And once I was in the process of saying yes, it just kept getting better and better. As David [Tennant, who plays Garner's character's husband] came on and Juliette Lewis came on and Ione Skye came on, the pot just got sweeter." 

Returning to television meant that Garner would have to commit herself to one thing at a time, and really bury her head in work. However, as the show's co-creator, Jenni Konner, who recently split ways with her eight years production partner, Lena Dunham, mentioned that it was probably the shorter time commitment provided by a limited series that has suited Garner. "I think it was a real departure for her compared to who she played and I think she was excited to do that. She really seems like a brave actor to me and someone who doesn't want to get stuck in the same thing for a really long time. I think also a great way to get talent as a mother who lives in L.A. is to do a limited series. And shoot it in Los Angeles… You're not leaving your three kids at home to go to Vancouver."

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However, Garner has been up for anything when it came to the show, and she also assured that had there been nudity it wouldn't have been a big issue for her. " I think it was a real departure for her compared to who she played and I think she was excited to do that." However, for Kathryn, all of that was not required. "But it just didn't feel like it would've been true to Kathryn. Or at least there wasn't something written in this where it felt like, 'Yes, that is exposing who she is at the very, very core.' So I lucked out in that way. I just didn't have to deal with it."

'Camping' airs every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.