'Camping' episode 2 preview: Kathryn and Jandice are in for an ugly fight

After quite an unpleasant first day at the camp, the couples are now headed to a second day, and this time things might get messy.

                            'Camping' episode 2 preview: Kathryn and Jandice are in for an ugly fight

The first episode of 'Camping' has already established Kathryn McSorley-Jodell, played by Jennifer Garner, as the most "unlikable" woman on television. The mother-of-one in the show has set out on planning the perfect weekend camping trip to celebrate her husband, Walt's (played by David Tennant) 45th birthday. However, when unexpected guests show up and they try to do things their own way, the uptight, controlling Kathryn immediately loses her head. 

Episode 1 saw the characters gather at the Brown Bear Lake where Kathryn is busy pulling around the mattresses from the other tents to her own. When asked by her husband, Walt, if that is the right thing to do since every tent has been allotted two mattresses each, Kathryn asserts that she was doing that as it will be difficult for her to sleep without them due to her chronic illness. Kathryn soon finds herself off-guard when some unexpected guests such as Lina-Joy's adopted teen daughter and Miguel's hippie girlfriend, Jandice show up. Jandice, played by the perky Juliette Lewis, is an absolute opposite to Kathryn, and it can be expected that two are going to face some ugly girl-on-girl fight. 



Ever since Jandice entered the campsite, people were automatically attracted to her, and fairly so. A Reiki healer, a part-time DJ, and a model for figure sketching, Jandice is outgoing and fun. She does not mind taking the day as it comes without any kind of former planning, she doesn't mind flirting just for fun with other men while keeping her relationship with her boyfriend intact, and she is bold enough to run into the lake naked even when there are several other people watching. On the other hand, Kathryn is someone who would even plan on how to have fun and will certainly not run naked into the lake but stand aside asking everyone to keep an eye on her since she is the only certified lifeguard there.



The promo trailer released by HBO yesterday shows that the apparent feud between Kathryn and Jandice is about to take a much more concrete shape. While in the first episode the two did not quite meet eye-to-eye and Kathryn was pretty much taken aback by Jandice's sudden appearance, the second episode actually hears Kathryn whispering to Walt, "I think Jandice is dangerous." However, Kathryn has some fair reasons to say so. The promo shows that during a game of football, Jandice charges at her opponents with full grit but in her state of extreme enthusiasm, she does not realize that Kathryn's son, Orvis was standing right behind her. 

As Jandice begins to trace her steps back to catch the ball, she trips on Orvis and both of them fall down to the ground. Jandice does apologize for her unintentional mistake but Kathryn has already decided that she needs to "stay away from me". Following the fall Kathryn, Walt, and the camp owner rush Orvis to the hospital. However, Jandice and the other members take a different way when they realize that it wasn't necessary for them to be at the hospital. They make a separate turn and go to a local bar where they party while drinking some jelly donut shots. 



Clearly, Kathryn wouldn't be very pleased about what happened and probably this is where the show will once again apply the similar elements as it did on 'Girls'. While the girl-on-girl fight is gradually taking shape to become a woman-on-woman feud, which can be even more intense and ugly, Kathryn and Jandice will surely be in the center of the feud. Lina-Joy already dislikes Kathryn, Carleen (Kathryn's sister) is not quite on the same page as her sister, and we are yet to hear from Lina-Joy's teenage adopted daughter whom Kathryn had clearly not welcomed at the camp. 'Camping' Episode 2 will air on HBO on Sunday, October 21 at 10 p.m. 

Watch the promo to episode 2 below: