'Camp Getaway' Finale: Season 1 to end to with Adam-Gavin's showdown over Sophia?

Adam tells Gavin he feels played by him and Sophia

                            'Camp Getaway' Finale: Season 1 to end to with Adam-Gavin's showdown over Sophia?
Sophia D'Angelo, Adam Mizrahi, Gavin Stewart (NBCU)

It seems like 'Camp Getaway' is setting up for a major showdown between Adam Mizrahi and Gavin Stewart. It's going to be one explosive finish to the summer camp. Adam and Gavin had a working relationship, which quickly soured when the latter began flirting with Sophia D'Angelo, Adam's love interest.

Adam may have experienced a fleeting sense of insecurity, which was done and dusted once he and Sophia kissed and decided to date each other. But that was momentary. In the previous week, he was furious at Sophia for addressing Gavin as her "baby," and responding to his advances. In a conversation with his colleague Monica O'Neal, he shared how he felt about Gavin and Sophia's banters. He was furious but Sophia was visibly upset about Adam's outburst. In her green-room interview, she said how she didn't quite understand where the jealousy and insecurities were stemming from. 

This week, Adam is going to take it up with Gavin. In the preview clip, he says how he felt he got played by him and Sophia. Will they come to an agreement? Time will tell. 

Earlier, Adam mentioned how Gavin needs to respect the "bro code," which means a friend's girlfriend is off-limits. But in Gavin's defense, he was only indulging in some harmless flirting. 

It took Adam weeks to realize he has feelings for Sophia. For the first few weeks, he hung out with Randall Klein. In his head, he knew they were just friends but Randall had other ideas. And that's why she was shocked when Adam went running to Sophia one fine day. They started to bunk workshops and arrive late for duties just to spend time and all of this would irk Randall to no limit. After Adam was suspended for a week over a work-related fiasco, Randall discussed Adam and his approach with Sophia. She, however, defended him and assured him that whatever Adam did was just so that Randall would have a friend when she needed one. 

This was the phase when Adam was confused about choosing one of the girls. Thankfully, it didn't last long and he was able to acknowledge his feelings for Sophia. 

'Camp Getaway' finale airs tonight. 

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