'Camp Getaway': Randall asks if Adam jumps into bed with his girlfriends? Sophia replies 'he was being protective'

'Camp Getaway': Randall asks if Adam jumps into bed with his girlfriends? Sophia replies 'he was being protective'
Sophia D'Angelo, Adam Mizrahi, Randall Klein (Bravo)

Bravo's 'Camp Getaway' has returned with Episode 4 and like most weeks, the weekend crew is experiencing a tough time straightening out their personal equations. There's a very evident awkwardness between Randall Klein and Sophia D'Angelo and the reason is obvious, Adam Mizrahi. 

During the first day, they try to have a conversation about the camp and their duties and such, but when it didn't take off both the parties knew that they were headed for a rough patch in their friendship. The previous week, Adam flirted with both Randal and Sophia but eventually went with Sophia, leaving Randall confused because they had become physically close. She was in need of answers and with Adam being suspended with the weekend, the only other person to have chat with about the whole situation would be Sophia.

Randall shared how she found it weird that Adam would flirt with both of them and finally pick Sophia over her. Sophia tried to clear the air by explaining how Adam had said he would always get very close with all of her female friends. "He gets in bed and cuddles all his girlfriends?" Randall asked and Sophie had the perfect answer. She said how Adam knew Randal was having a hard time and therefore only wanted to comfort her. 

The ladies talked but it was hard to gauge if anything positive came out of it. In her green-room interviews, Sophia implied that Randall's tone or approach towards the mess they three were in could have been better. Whatever the case may be, Adam and Sophia are all set to go out on their first date when she is done with the camp and that has both of them excited. May be Randall will have to find someone else, from the guests attending the camp this weekend perhaps? 

But it seemed as though Randall's focus has changed from finding love to finding love for others. She tried to pair social coordinator Gavin Stewart with Erin, a camp guest. However, her plan failed when Gavin found himself drawn to a solo guest, Elaine, with whom he shared a kiss and from the looks of it, much more than that. 

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