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'Camp Getaway': Will Randall Klein and Sophia D'Angelo team up to teach two-timing Adam Mizrahi a lesson?

Randall and Sophia discuss what happened when Adam decided to hang out of with both of them
Adam Mizrahi, Sophia D'Angelo, Randall Klein (NBCU)
Adam Mizrahi, Sophia D'Angelo, Randall Klein (NBCU)

Looking for love can be a tough task. Not everyone gets it, and the ones who do are confused. 'Camp Getaway' seems to be a hotspot for such people. The Bravo-backed show is setting up the stage for a love triangle, but it may not go as planned. Adam Mizrahi has Randall Klein and Sophia D'Angelo confused. He shared with Nile Lundgren, a social coordinator at the camp, that it's Sophia he likes. But his actions speak otherwise.

As part of the entertainment package charted for the guests, Randall was asked to perform a comedy sketch, which she gladly obliged but wasn't able to live up to the hype. She was disappointed, one could see it and, Adam was there to comfort her. He hugged and kissed Randall as she complained about her jokes and how they didn't make the crowd laugh. This was preceded by a slow dancing moment. Randall and Adam got close on the dance floor and that's where it all began.

The incident not only contradicts his earlier statement but also puts the girls in a sticky position. As camp coordinators, Randall and Sophia could have forged a friendship but now they are just awkward around each other. Sophia even cried to Monica O'Neal, Adam's peer at the camp, saying she wouldn't want to put her in a position where she is rejected.  The girl cried but even then went after him and Adam was most welcoming.

He and Sophia sneaked out of a comedy workshop class to take a swim, which put off camp director David Schrieber. In addition to this, Adam showed up late to work (he was supposed to work the sundae truck with Monica) so that he could spend some time with her while Randall watched them from a distance. 

But this week, it's going to be a change of scenery. At least, that's what it looks like at the moment. 

Randall asks Sophia: "Could you fill us in on what happened with Adam last weekend?" Before she could answer it, Randall said it was weird for her because he was flirting with her as well. Sophia agreed.

With Adam not returning this weekend — he was fired for his tardiness — will the girls get together to teach Adam a lesson for doing what he did? Time will tell, but it does look like a possibility at the moment.

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