'Camp Getaway': Does Gavin have better chances with girls than Adam? Fans think so

'Camp Getaway': Does Gavin have better chances with girls than Adam? Fans think so
Adam Mizrahi, Gavin Stewart (Bravo)

Adam Mizrahi has managed to ruffle feathers with his direct approach. He tells it like it and that may not be the best idea when one's in the wrong. This 'Camp Getaway' social coordinator's losing focus. He is more drawn towards the ladies and is interested in scoping out the dating scene at the camp rather than do what is expected of him. 

Camp director David Schrieber suspended Adam this week for slacking off at work. He was assigned to work the sundae truck with Monica O'Neal but by the time he finished flirting with Sophia D'Angelo and arrived at the spot, Monica was done setting up and she was already serving the guests. 

Monica took it up with Adam, told him off for his tardiness. When he defended himself, things immediately escalated to Claire Sorrels, the senior director. Soon after, Adam and Claire engaged in an inconclusive argument, following she was asked to meet with David at his office where he was informed that the camp won't see him this weekend. It didn't seem the suspension mattered to Adam because in his words: "He (David) doesn't pay his bills."

With Adam gone, Randall Klein and Sophia are struggling to stay under one roof. They can't have one conversation without being awkward because Adam chose to flirt with both of them.

Meanwhile, Gavin Stewart has stepped up, caught everyone's attention, and was able to pull the spotlight on him by his antics around girls. By the end of the weekend, Gavin had saved Elaine from a party to kiss her and later that night, snuck out of his cabin to spend some quality time with her. And these consecutive incidents have fans convinced that Gavin has better chances with girls than Adam.

"I am living for Gavin bc he is head shoulders KNEES AND TOES better than Adam in having game. #CampGetaway," a viewer commented, while another shared: "So since Adam is not there, we focus on the other player who is Gavin. #CampGetaway."

"I won't miss Adam #CampGetaway," a user wrote, which implied that Adam didn't make an impact on the viewers. "I'm enjoying Randall much more this episode. You totally don't need Adam! #campgetaway," another expressed. 

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