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'Camp Getaway': Adam MIzrahi to quit after heated argument with Claire Sorrels? Will Randall leave too?

'Hey, if David (Schreiber) wants to fire me, I am okay with that,' Adam told Claire
Adam Mizrahi, Randall Klein, Claire Sorrels (Bravo)
Adam Mizrahi, Randall Klein, Claire Sorrels (Bravo)

Two episodes in and 'Camp Getaway' is already serving high-voltage drama. From flirting with guests to kissing them and camp directors instructing the weekend crew around like they were spoilt high school brats, all of this makes for good TV. And from the looks of it, the current storylines will be stretched.

In today's episode, Adam Mizrahi will slow dance with Randall Klein while Claire Sorrels will get strict with the weekend crew. It's nothing out-of-the-ordinary given how these two story arcs have contributed to most of the show's content. 

However, a twist in the tale may be Adam's exit. In the preview, he is shown getting into a verbal altercation with Claire that ends with Adam, saying: "Hey, if David (Schreiber) wants to fire me, I am okay with that." This scene was preceded by David introducing a new member who would be joining the crew. Will he replace Adam at the camp?

Suppose Adam really quits, will Randall stick around much longer? Since the beginning, Randall has had a liking for Adam. And even though he treats her like a buddy, she continues to harbor those feelings for him.

Earlier, Randall left the camp determined to never return but she was on time for the debriefing of the next group guests and this time with her parents just so that they could take care of her as she recovers from a leg injury. 

In the premiere episode, Randall said the weekend camp is the perfect time for her to pick up dates. But if Adam leaves the scene, there's not much else that will hold Randall back. She has not made great friendships yet and hung out with selected few of the crew members, but that's not to say she will not grow out of Adam and eventually, start enjoying the camp with other people.

Oddly enough, despite all the juicy, gossipy and dramatic content, the social media response to 'Camp Getaway' has been lukewarm. 

"I love most of the Bravo shows but #CampGetaway seems boring. I tried. I’ll watch it if it’s on but definitely putting it on DVR list. #summerhouse #vpr and any RH franchise is way better," a fan shared while another commented: "What the fuck is this shit ?#CampGetaway I use to not miss any Bravo show now not so much."

"@BravoTV #CampGetaway is a fail. 2020 has been a rough year this show is only making it worse... and I’m watching #BelowDeckSailingYacht so I mean my bar is already low but this is," a user shared. 

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