'Camp Getaway': Adam sleeps with Randall despite liking Sophia, fans say he is 'just a horny man'

Fans are clearly unimpressed with Adam and can't comprehend why the women on the show treat him 'like a god'

                            'Camp Getaway': Adam sleeps with Randall despite liking Sophia, fans say he is 'just a horny man'
Adam Mizrahi, Randall Klein, Sophia D'Angelo (Bravo)

Adam Mizrahi is turning out to be quite the hated cast member on 'Camp Getaway' for fans. He knows he is charming, and that girls are drawn towards him. But that doesn't mean he can flirt with two girls at the same time. Sophia D'Angelo and Randall Klein are interested in Adam but he is undecided. Although, he once told Nile Lundgren that Sophia is the one he likes but his actions speak otherwise. 

As the cast waited for the drag show to get over, Adam slipped his hands under the table and kept them on Randall's legs. Later, after she had just finished her comedy sketch -- during which she forgot one of her jokes and wasn't able to get too many laughs -- Adam sat by her side, hugged and kissed her to let her know that she had done a great job. He even shared the bed with her that night. And this was the day after he told Monica O'Neal, a fellow Senior Coordinator at the camp, that he had feelings for Sophia. Mixed signals are unhealthy and could cost Adam his friendship with Randall and a possible date with Sophia.

"#RealTalk: Randall was right to think i was leading her on. what they didn’t show is that i did sleep in her bed that wknd... *discuss* #CampGetaway", Adam tweeted earlier today, confirming that he did get intimate with Randall on the show. While Randall handled it with dignity, Sophia could be too deep into her feelings for Adam to be able to control her emotions. She cried inconsolably as she admitted to Monica that she doesn't want to be in a situation where she would be rejected and added that she was out of his league. Sophia couldn't handle Randall and Adam slow dancing and getting intimate at the party that was hosted to entertain the weekend guests. Meanwhile, fans are confused as to what the girls see in him. 

"When Sophia tells Monica she feels out of Adam’s league, I lost it. Oh no girl! Sophia, you are the prize. Adam is um...just a horny man. Also, Monica is an excellent listener & great advice-giver. #CampGetaway," a fan commented, another added: "Can someone explain why these girls after adam? i just don’t see it! #CampGetaway."

"I'm a dude so I might be missing something but Adam isn't all that. Why are they treating him like a GOD. Women please get out more. #CampGetaway," a user expressed. "What kind of supernatural camp is this that two women will fight over adam?! what in the world do they see in him?? #CampGetaway," another wrote.

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