'The Voice' Season 19: Coaches get into fight over Cami Clune, which team did talented singer finally choose?

'The Voice' Season 19: Coaches get into fight over Cami Clune, which team did talented singer finally choose?
Cami Clune and John Legend (NBC/Getty Images)

To have the famous coaches of 'The Voice' aka Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Gwen Stefani, fighting to get an opportunity to coach you is every contestant's dream, but for Cami Clune it was the reality! When the 20-year-old singer walked onto the stage and began crooning Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love', it didn't take much time for Kelly to realize Cami's incredible potential, for the 'Breakaway' singer instantly hit the buzzer and turned around before Cami even broke out a verse.

Soon, the other coaches followed Kelly's suit and turned around for the incredible singer from Buffalo, New York. Cami's performance definitely brought out all the coaches' competitive side, for all of them wanted her on their team badly. So, Kelly didn't hesitate to block Blake from swooping in and taking Cami onto his team. When Blake realized that he had been blocked, he just put his head down and lamented over how he was Blocked Shelton, and looked at the other coaches enviously as they could have Cami on their team.



Gwen took over and began pitching herself to Cami and listing out the reasons why she would be a great coach for a young, talented singer like herself. Cami looked almost convinced with Gwen's pitch, but before she made up her mind, John joined the bandwagon and showered Cami in praises. He complimented her tone, and pointed how he never heard anything like it on the current season of 'The Voice' yet, and also subtly suggested that he could get her to finals. It was finally Kelly's turn, and she was all business. Kelly began by revealing how she got her first tattoo ever in Cami's hometown and then went onto sing praises of Cami. She pointed to Cami how she even used up her only block button with the hopes of having her on the team.

Finally, it was Cami's turn to decide which coach managed to woo her with their pitch. After a little deliberation, Cami declared that she would be joining Team John Legend. John was thrilled and excitedly ran to shake hands with his new team member using a glove attached to a long pole. While Kelly looked sad and regretted her decision to block Blake. She felt that she should have blocked John instead. John could be heard declaring that Season 19 of 'The Voice' was turning out to be the year of Team Legend, as he managed to get some incredible singers on his team.

'The Voice' Season 19 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c only on NBC.

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