Calvin Harris and girlfriend Aarika Wolf involved in a car crash

Calvin Harris and girlfriend Aarika Wolf involved in a car crash
(L-R) Calvin Harris and Aarika Wolf (Source: Getty Images)

Over the weekend, Calvin Harris, 34, and his girlfriend, Aarika Wolf, got into an accident, according to TMZ. The website reports that Aarika, who was driving the car at the time of the accident, slammed into another car. The incident left a couple of ladies injured. 

The eyewitness who had been present at the time of the incident told the website that, "Aarika, was behind the wheel of a Range Rover on a residential street Sunday in Beverly Hills." The accident occurred when she failed to slow down for the driver of a Honda, which had young ladies inside.

The pair got involved in the accident when the Honda was turning into a driveway. Failing to control the speed of the vehicle, Aarika slammed the car from the side. The website went on to report that the car's airbags were activated and there is extensive damage to the side of the Honda. 

After the accident, police was called to the spot and the insurance details were exchanged. While one would think that Calvin or Aarika would be apologetic about the incident, it has been reported that the two decided to keep silent throughout the incident and did not ask the girls if they were okay. 

Both the cars were later towed with the ladies who were in the Honda complaining about how the pair was irresponsible and did not take ownership of their actions. Calvin and Aarika then waited at a nearby neighbor's home until an SUV eventually came by to pick them up. 

This is not the first time that Calvin has been involved in an accident. Back in 2016, Calvin had got into an accident and was lucky to get out with only a few minor injuries. However, the accident happened to be the reason that the singer decided to cancel two of his gigs at that time. 

A police spokesperson told E! News in 2016 that the accident took place when a teenage female driver, who was driving a Volkswagen Beetle, crossed over the center divider and crashed into an SUV in which Calvin had been present. The incident left him with a cut to the nose and he was later transported to a local hospital and released.

"Adam was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck in a serious collision last night in Los Angeles," a rep for the DJ, whose real name is Adam Wiles, said in the statement back in 2016. "He was examined by doctors and sustained a number of injuries. He has since been checked out of the hospital and is now recovering. We wish all the other passengers involved in the incident a fast recovery."

As for Calvin and Aarika, the pair dated for a brief while back in 2015. They later split up as Calvin started dating Taylor Swift. However, in August 2017, rumors about the couple dating again surfaced after there were rumors that she was flying to Las Vegas in June to watch Calvin perform as part of his residency at Omnia. Since then, the couple has been spotted together on various occasions. 

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