Sacramento County sheriff's deputy who had sex with teenager while mom was in the house dated victim's father for a year

44-year-old Shauna Bishop is facing five felony charges in connection to the incident and has been placed on administrative leave from her job as a deputy

                            Sacramento County sheriff's deputy who had sex with teenager while mom was in the house dated victim's father for a year

A California sheriff's deputy who was arrested and charged for allegedly having sex with a teenage boy reportedly dated the victim's father for a year prior to the incident, according to court documents.

The 44-year-old Shauna Bishop, a five-year veteran of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, was arrested on Thursday, June 13, after an investigation found that she had intercourse with a 16-year-old boy, as we had previously reported.

The Folsom Police Department announced in a release that Bishop did not meet the victim through her job and the alleged acts did not occur while she was on duty. However, she was still placed on paid administrative leave by the SCSO following the emergence of the allegations.

She was subsequently charged with five felony counts — one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, one count of child molestation and three counts of oral copulation with a minor — and was arraigned at the Sacramento Superior Court on June 20.

While the SCSO said little about the case, citing the fact that it involves a juvenile, the Sacramento Bee reported the contents of court documents filed in connection to the case which provided graphic details of the alleged acts that occurred inside the victim's home in late April.

It was also revealed that Bishop was romantically involved for around a year with the teenager's father, who worked with her at the SCSO and is reportedly a high-ranking officer in the department. It also said that he had been suspicious of Bishop for quite some time and that he had confessed to his ex-wife that he feared the 44-year-old's relationship with his son was "inappropriate" and that she was "grooming our son".

The ex-wife, who had become close friends with Bishop after she broke up with the victim's father, told investigators they found nothing untoward after checking her son's phone at his father's request.

She said Bishop came to the home she shares with her one night late in April to discuss the victim's drinking and marijuana use, and that after it became late, she spent the night with them. In a statement, the boy told police that the same night, Bishop, who was supposed to be sleeping in his mother's room, instead came to his and started "kissing me".

"While she was kissing me, she was touching my side and I was touching her back and then her leg," he said. "Then she moved from touching my side to my thighs and began rubbing my penis while she was kissing me. We only made out for a second, and then I think she heard my mom coming, because she stopped."

He said she went away for two minutes but came back and started performing oral sex on him, and that eventually, they had intercourse, following which she once again performed oral sex on him and told him not to tell anyone. 

The next day, in a 69-minute conversation, Bishop "blamed them having sex on porn". She told him "she watched stepmom/stepson related porn videos that made her (fantasize) about him" and that, "she thinks about (him) while she masturbates and had wanted them to have sex for a long time," stated court documents.

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