Seven party goers shot during California Halloween party called "The First Purge"

Chaos and panic ensued as about 10 shots were fired during a Halloween party at the Sevilla Nightclub.

                            Seven party goers shot during California Halloween party called "The First Purge"

A Halloween party called "The First Purge" was the target on Sunday night of a mass shooting in California, with two people being rushed to a hospital immediately after the incident.

Five more victims were later brought to the hospital, bringing the total number of people shot to seven, local authorities confirmed. Further details about their conditions is not known.

The shots, that rang out just after midnight, caused partygoers to duck for cover and stampede towards exits at the Sevilla Nightclub in Riverside near Los Angeles.


At about 12:04 am local time, officers from the Riverside Police Department responded to a call about a shooting inside and outside the nightclub.

According to the department, a joint investigation by detectives from the Robbery, Homicide Unit, Gang Intelligence Unit and Technicians from the Forensics Unit is currently underway. According to local reports, there could be more than one shooter, police suspect. However, there are no suspects in custody as yet.

A police spokesman said the investigation is ongoing and no other details are available.

One witness who was inside the club during the shooting took to Twitter to describe the terror.

"I was at Sevilla’s nightclub and they were shooting the place up," he said. "I lowkey freaked out. I’m glad my friends and I are okay and I love all my friends for calming me down while we were in there when shots went off."

A traumatised witness told KTLA that people were dancing to music when he heard gunfire.

The man said: "I turned around and people (were) shooting. I ran behind the bar and all of a sudden there was a whole bunch of people crunched up by the exit. I heard like 10 (shots) in a row. I was just praying, like, God get me through this."

The Halloween event was apparently inspired by the 2018 horror movie 'The First Purge', and included  several live rap performers, including RJ, Kalan.FrFr and 1 Take Jay, on Sunday night.