10-year-old girl drowns in house pool after being electrocuted from light fixture as dad's girlfriend steps out of water briefly

McKenzie Kinley was in the pool with four other children, including her sister, and grabbed the cord of a light fixture which her father said 'was not connected to any power source'. The other children are safe.

                            10-year-old girl drowns in house pool after being electrocuted from light fixture as dad's girlfriend steps out of water briefly

A 10-year-old girl drowned in a swimming pool after she was electrocuted from a broken lighting fixture. The tragic death happened after McKenzie Kinley, 10, was racing in the swimming pool at her father's home in Citrus Heights, Sacramento, on Sunday, July 14, with four other children. A light fixture in the pool was in the midst of repair, according to KCRA.

Her dad, Cliff Kinley, was not at home at the time but his girlfriend was in the pool with the children just a few moments before the incident. She had just stepped out to go to the restroom. In those brief few moments, McKenzie reportedly raced to the other side of the pool and grabbed the cord of the light. She was instantly electrocuted and drowned. Firefighters who arrived at the scene could not revive her. 

She was pronounced dead at a hospital later that afternoon. The four other children, one of whom was McKenzie's younger sister, were unharmed.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise donations to help the family cover her funeral costs and stated that they were "completely shaken and in shock that this could even happen."

"She was the light of everyone’s lives around her," a tribute on the page read. "Her bright personality, silly attitude, intelligence, and beauty inside and out contributed so much to the happiness of her family and friends. She was brave."

It also said that McKenzie's mother, Elizabeth Moore, a single mom, was "extremely broken" and "devastated."

Moore and Kinley spoke out about their daughter's tragic death for the first time this past Wednesday, July 17, and have urged other parents to be careful around pools so they don't have to suffer the same fate.

"If nothing comes of losing my daughter, saving the lives of others," Moore said. 

They said the cord attached to a light inside the pool was under repair, but that, to their knowledge, the light was not connected to any power source. 

An investigation into the death is underway, but police said she was electrocuted and drowned, and ruled it accidental. 

Detectives are currently said to be looking to find out if the work being done on the home complied with the rules. Experts stated that anytime electrical work is done on a pool, there should be a permit and inspection before anyone gets in the water.

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