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Sophia Hutchins found a 'parent' in Caitlyn Jenner after her own struggled to accept her body dysmorphia

Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner had everyone convinced they were dating but her recent statement showed a different image
UPDATED MAY 17, 2020
Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner (Getty Images)
Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner (Getty Images)

Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner's relationship had everyone convinced that they were perfect for each other. With both of them having a similar journey, it seemed like their transition had been a bonding topic for them. As time went by, the pair got closer and Sophia started managing Caitlyn and her work. Their relationship even took the next step as the pair moved in together. Reports started swirling that suggested the two are engaged but they were quickly dismissed after Sophia made it clear that they were not together. However, she shed more light on their relationship in a recent interview. 

Sophia hinted that her relationship with Caitlyn is a lot like a parental relationship. Sophia revealed their age difference makes it impossible for them to have a romantic relationship. Despite this, the two have been able to get along well and it looks like Sophia now sees Caitlyn only as a parental figure. One of the reasons for this could be Sophia's childhood. Ever since Sophia was a young boy, she knew it wasn't right. According to The Things, Sophia had body dysmorphia at a young age and even tried opening up about it to her parents. However, they happened to brush that topic off and swept it under the rug for as long as they could. 

Not having anyone to talk to affected Sophia a lot. She decided to live her life as a gay man as she thought it would be easy to get the acceptance of people this way. Unfortunately, that did not last long. Over the years Sophia started feeling frustrated and reached a point where she knew she had to make the decision. She understood the importance of transitioning and how it would change her life completely. However, she did not start her transition until she met Caitlyn. Sophia was able to meet Caitlyn with the help of her friends who worked in the makeup industry. Upon their meeting, the two were able to connect easily and it looked like the start of a great friendship along with a good business partnership. 

Sophia had always wanted to be like Kris as a manager and with Caitlyn by her side, she thought it would be the best time to kick start her job. She finally managed to start her transition. After seeing Caitlyn embrace her new identity, she felt motivated to do the same. Once she was done with the transition, many people thought Sophia looked a lot like Ivanka Trump. However, more than these comments, one thing that she was looking forward to was getting her college degree. Sophia went back to college after her transition and finished her degree.

Now, she is more confident and brave. With Caitlyn by her side as a "parental" figure, it seems like Sophia has accepted herself and taken on a new path to life.