Caitlyn Jenner dubbed 'hypocrite' for saying Lia Thomas should NOT compete with women

Caitlyn Jenner dubbed 'hypocrite' for saying Lia Thomas should NOT compete with women
Caitlyn Jenner speaks at the AOL 2016 MAKERS conference on February 2, 2016, in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Former Olympian and media personality Caitlyn Jenner has once again found herself at the center of a major controversy for her opinions on transgenders in sports. On January 19, Jenner called on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to stop transgender athletes like swimmer Lia Thomas from competing with women. Those comments were made on Fox News, followed by a series of tweets, which was met with a lot of backlash. 

Back in 2021, Jenner made a lot of headlines after announcing her candidacy for Governor of California, challenging Gavin Newsom in the recall election. Before that, she was widely known for being a vocal critic of Donald Trump. Ironically, one of her criticisms of the former President was over his proposed policy to eliminate the legal recognition of transgender people.


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Despite being a vocal advocate for transgender rights over the years, Jenner's take on the role of transgender athletes has left many questioning just how committed she is. As the latest instance shows, it's also left many furious that she's not being supportive enough. 

Caitlyn Jenner talks to reporters on August 12, 2021, in Venice, California. ( David McNew/Getty Images)


'I feel sorry for the other athletes'

Appearing on 'America Reports', Jenner told host Sandra Smith "We need to protect women’s sports." She then directly attacked Thomas, a University of Pennsylvania swimmer who is facing severe criticism for competing with women, after competing with men for years. "I don’t know why she’s doing this," Jenner said, noting it wasn't good for the transgender community. "Her cardiovascular system is bigger, her respiratory system is bigger, her hands are bigger, she can swim faster. That’s a known."

She then went on to say, "All of this woke world that we are living in right now is not working. I feel sorry for the other athletes that are out there." Jenner reiterated her stance on social media with a series of tweets. One said, "I’ve said from the beginning, biological boys should not compete against biological girls…this Woke world we’re living in right now isn’t working." In another, she said, "WOKENESS is killing women's sports!" and shared a clip of her Fox News appearance. 




'You can't have it both ways'

In response, the internet slammed Jenner for her stance. "What if the girls don’t mind playing against boys? Shouldn’t that be a choice as well?" one person asked, while another trolled, "Good thing you don’t make that decision." One user hit back, "Wait weren’t you on the cover for woman of the year? While people who deserved it should have been awarded? This is so confusing." Another commented, "The proof that whilst all human beings have a brain, not all use them. Thanks @Caitlyn_Jenner for being a shining example of this."






"This "woke world" is accepting of you as a woman, your preferred pronouns, and respected as such. You can't have it both ways," one user replied. Echoing that, another tweeted, "If not for this 'woke world' you'd still be called Bruce and afraid to be your true self. Sit down ma'am." One more user slammed, "And yet you are playing in a WOMENS golf tournament. Perhaps you should practice what you preach." Also taking note of that, one person said, "Aren’t you playing in women’s golf tournaments and hitting from the women’s tee because you’ve been rightfully not allowed to play in men’s tournaments because you’re a woman? You called it ‘cute’ in an interview. You’re a hypocrite."





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