Caitlyn Jenner reveals why her marriage to Kris Jenner broke apart in brutally honest interview

Caitlyn Jenner reveals why her marriage to Kris Jenner broke apart in brutally honest interview
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Caitlyn Jenner has opened up in a recent interview about the difficult time she had with her recent stint on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' and her relationship with her famous Kardashian-Jenner children.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the 'I am Cait' star said her return to the same series where she had once participated as Bruce Jenner was very emotional. "I was thinking about the last five years and everything I've been through, which is a lot. Two weeks before, I'd turned 70, which is traumatic for anyone... Plus, you're cut off from your family and friends."

Jenner did not win the season and the spot was taken by actress Jacqueline Jossa. Jenner was the seventh one to be sent home. However, her family did not show up to greet her back. There was controversy surrounding the incident, but Jenner said she didn't mind. "My family are very well-known, I never asked any of them to come down or expected them to — they all have businesses and families. I was disappointed they were criticized. After the show was over, I texted or called all the kids to apologize," she said.


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There have been negative speculations about the relationship that Jenner shares with her kids and Kris Jenner, who was her former wife, but she says it isn't as terrible as everyone has made it out to be. "I have a good relationship with all of my children, but with some of them, is it better than others? Yeah. I don't think there's one of them that's not good with it. They're all very open-minded children," she said. While on the show 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' Jenner had mentioned that she hasn't spoken to Khloe, his step-daughter in five years. 

In Jenner's memoir, 'The Secrets of My Life', she claimed that Kris and her marriage broke apart as a result of "a toxic combination of her withering anger with me and my defensiveness and generally being at each other's throats, and the kids asking their mother why she yelled at me all the time". Moreover, she also wrote that she had told the Momager about his gender issues. However, Kris denied it. 


"When Kris and I separated, it wasn't because of trans issues. It was for a million other reasons," Caitlyn said in the interview explaining, "Kris and I had a great relationship for a long time. We built an amazing family."

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