Tiffany Trump slammed with #ByeTiffany trend for maskless 27th birthday despite Covid-19: 'Whole family is trash'

In a video that has now gone viral, Tiffany can be seen celebrating her 27th birthday with a huge maskless crowd in Miami, Florida, with zero social distancing

                            Tiffany Trump slammed with #ByeTiffany trend for maskless 27th birthday despite Covid-19: 'Whole family is trash'
Tiffany Trump (Getty Images)

While the deadly coronavirus continues to cripple the world, President Donald Trump and his family seem to pay no heed to it. POTUS' youngest daughter Tiffany Trump is the latest from the clan to make headlines for simply ignoring the safety protocol and going about celebrating her 27th birthday, which has earned her a lot of wrath on social media. 

#ByeTiffany began trending on Twitter on October 15 after a video by MeidasTouch.Co made its way to the internet. The 48-second video consists of clips from Tiffany's 27th birthday bash in Miami, Florida, sans mask. 

It shows Tiffany celebrating in the presence of a huge crowd, which was also maskless, and none of them were seen maintaining the much-needed social distancing in one of Florida's Covid-19 hotspots. In the video, Tiffany can be seen treated with sushis, desserts and more during the party. According to Miami New Times, "She has been spotted at Komodo, Papi Steak, and Kiki on the River, not to mention hanging out at the beach with friends."

The video went viral in no time as it drew a comparison between the daughter of the president having a ball of time despite a surge in coronavirus cases and instances of re-infections, while many families are mourning the loss of their loved ones to the illness. 

Internet users started trending #ByeTiffany, slamming her for setting a terrible example as the president's daughter and calling her out for lying about being able to relate with people suffering from the pandemic's impact, such as loss of unemployment and deaths, while she continues to live life lavishly. 

American medical doctor, researcher and politician Dena Minning Grayson was one of the many to slam Tiffany. She tweeted, "While most Americans locked down due to the highly contagious #coronavirus, Tiffany 'Grifter Barbie' Trump partied with her MASKLESS friends. Let’s get rid of these reckless grifters." While another asked, "Teachers and students have died from covid and you’re throwing a mask less party? #ByeTiffany." Another added, "Man this whole family is absolute trash #ByeTiffany."




Meanwhile, many of them came forward to share the heart-wrenching stories of losing their loved ones to the novel coronavirus to remind the president's daughter of the consequences of her actions. Some also spoke about how they have been away from their families for months due to the coronavirus-induced restrictions while Tiffany is partying away in Miami. 

One tweeted, "We started planning my Aunt’s 95th birthday last year. The big day finally arrived last month. Thanks to incompetent Trump, we could only visit via zoom. But you go have fun with your squad Tiff. #ByeTiffany #BidenHarrisLandslide2020." Another added, "Kids with disabilities, living in group homes, and the elderly in senior living facilities, were denied visits from family members for months in NY. How awesome you got a party! #ByeTiffany."

One tweeted, "My 10 yr old has full blown anxiety. She misses her friends, thinks her parents will succumb 2 the virus especially since mom goes out 2 work daily. My 14 yr was finally the star of the play that never happened, never walked across the stage. No real parties them. #ByeTiffany." One agitated user wrote, "An old man is dying at the local hospital right now due to Covid. His wife of over 50 years cannot hold his hand, love him, or say goodbyes. His family can’t see him. This b***h though.....#ByeTiffany."





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