'Buying Beverly Hills' Full Cast List: Meet multi-million dollar real estate savvys of Netflix occu-soap

'Buying Beverly Hills' Full Cast List: Meet multi-million dollar real estate savvys of Netflix occu-soap
'Buying Beverly Hills' cast members (Instagram)

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: All that glitters is not gold! Netflix is bringing occu-soap drama  'Buying Beverly Hills', featuring both personal and career drama on the screen. The show is set to spin around Mauricio Umansky's multi-million dollar real estate empire The Agency. 

'Buying Beverly Hills' is in short a family business show with Kyle Richards' husband Mauricio as its head and his daughters, Alexia Umansky and Farrah Aldjufrie, as the representative of the company. They will be seen renovating and selling lavish properties to clients.  Apart from these three, there are other members of The Agency who help in the company's work. Along with presenting the company's politics, drama, and clients' high-end wants, Netflix's occu-soap is also destined to present personal life issues and love feuds. Let us further take an in-depth look at the cast of 'Buying Beverly Hills'.


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Mauricio Umansky


Umansky is an experienced and famed real estate developer. He was born in Mexico but later moved to America with his family at the age of 6. Umansky got his television fame by being cast in 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' beside his wife Kyle Richards. However, his real estate fame is built on his own. Umansky is reported to have an estimated net worth of $100M. He is known for selling lavish properties to high-end clients from Malibu, Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and Brentwood. 

Umansky married Richards in 1996. The couples now have three daughters together, Sophia, Portia, and Alexia. Moreover, Umansky also considers his step-daughter Farrah as his own. 

Farrah Brittany Aldjufrie


Farrah is Rchards' eldest daughter who was born from her first husband Guraish Aldjufrie. Farrah describes herself on social media as a "luxury real estate and lifestyle expert." Moreover, she is also one of the founding members of The Agency. Farrah completed her graduation from the University of Southern California in 2010. And, soon after that, she was hired by The Agency. As a child, Farrah used to enjoy going to open homes with Umansky. That developed her passion for the real estate business. Apart from real estate, Farrah is also interested in the acting world. 

Farrah is now engaged to her long-time boyfriend Alex Mano. She will further be seen handling various clients as well as her married life in the show.

Alexia Umansky


Alexia is the eldest of Richards' three daughters. She was born in 1996, making her 26 years old. She resides in her parents' house in Los Angeles. Netflix describes Alexia as "the apple of Mauricio's eye." She graduated in marketing communication from Emerson College. Alexia later joined The Agency as the junior relator and the expert in the marketing department. Apart from real estate, the 'Buying Beverly Hills' star has a keen interest in cooking, skiing, and hanging out with friends on the beach. 

According to Reality Titbit's report, Alexia is currently dating Jake Zingerman. Jake and Alexia have known each other for almost six years. He is the managing director of Direct Cash Group.

Santiago Arana


Santiago Arana defines himself on social media as a "father, developed, and principal." According to The Agency's website, Santiago is defined as someone who "has closed billions of dollars of real estate across Los Angeles." Santiago joined Umansky's company in 2014 and has now become the most important member of it. He has specialization in working in high-end residential areas and building new construction in the most coveted neighborhoods. He has worked with some big names like Lady Gaga and LeBron James. 

Ben Belack


Ben Belack is one of the savviest agents of The Agency. He is a pro in knowing all the available inventory from Bel Air to Santa Monica. According to The Agency, Ben has recently participated in a $250M worth of real estate transaction. Ben has broad connections in the real estate industry. Most of his clients are from the entertainment industry. He defines himself on social media as "patient, thoughtful, intentional, and collaborative." Moreover, he is always seen sharing some thoughts from his real estate experience. 

Joey Ben-Zvi 


Joey Ben-Zvi is the junior agent of The Agency. He is described to bring a "unique perspective to his real estate practice, creating a white glove experience for clients across Los Angeles." Joey is a 26-year-old property consultant. He has been active in his business since 2018. Besides working for The Agency, Joey also runs BZP Group. He will be seen developing marketing strategies in Netflix's occ-soap along with Umansky. As the trailer hints, there might be some spark between him and Alexia.

Jon Grauman


Jon Grauman is the senior agent of The Agency. Moreover, he is the founder of his own company Grauman Rosenfeld. Jon claims to have been ranked number 6 by Real Deal and number 9 in LA County by LABJ. In 2019, Jon sold $230M, 822 Sarbonne Road for $75M, therefore, making him one of the highest-achieving realtors. Jon is known for his high-end client lists, building trust with them, and cultivating a culture of integrity in the industry. He has more than 17 years of experience in the industry and will further be seen utilizing that in the upcoming show.

Brandon Graves


Born in Phoenix, Brandon Graves is an entrepreneur and healthcare professional. Brandon has always had a keen interest in fine homes, interior design, and architecture. As a child, he used to buy real estate magazines while he went out with her mother for grocery shopping. Therefore, pursuing a strong passion for the real estate world, Brandon managed to materialize his life with the help of building a career in it. Brandon being a Black man consider himself an outsider in the industry. However, he is not afraid to call out "systematic problems" that are often placed in front of him as a Black man.

Allie Lutz Rosenberger


Allie Lutz Rosenberger is the managing partner of The Agency. She is defined as one of the "most dynamic luxury real estate agent." Allie comes from a competitive family sports background. Therefore, she was always pressured to excel in her situation. This helped her to deal with tough situations. Allie use to reside around the 'Bird Streets' of the Hollywood Hills. This helped her gather luxurious real estate clients. 

Allie is married to Keegan and has a three-year-old daughter, Georgia, and a one-year-old son, Teddie. She, along with her family, lives in the South Bay community.

Melissa Platt


Melissa Platt is Farrah's confidant. She has expertise in real estate and is a key member of The Agency. She has a keen eye for creative things and looks out for quality and unique architectural things. Melissa "strives to curate extraordinary experiences" for her clients. She will be seen doing all that she could to satisfy her clients in Netflix's upcoming show. Melissa graduated in family studies and human development from the University of Arizona. Her sense of style and looking out for creative elements in a house helps her develop deep relationships with her client.

Sonika Vaid


If you remember, Sonika Vaid is one of the finalists of 'American Idol' Season 15. She is now introduced in 'Buying Beverly Hills' as the junior agent of The Agency. Sonika got the world's attention by being a recording artist. Her music was covered by various famed outlets like Disney, E! News, Entertainment Tonight, Cosmopolitan, and more. Well, her fame in the music industry helped her gather high-end clients in the real estate world. According to The Agency, Sonika contributed to the company's $680M in sales in 2022. 

'Buying Beverly Hills' is scheduled to release on November 4 on Netflix. The show will run 40-minutes episodes of personal drama and real estate's wheeling and dealing. 

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