Man who filmed his girlfriend in 'extreme pornography' avoids jail, gets $1,570 fine instead

Man who filmed his girlfriend in 'extreme pornography' avoids jail, gets $1,570 fine instead
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Authorities who conducted a raid in the home of a businessman from Birmingham were able to find videos that he had taken of his partner having sexual intercourse with a dog. The police officers also found images and films that involved animals on 48-year-old Wayne Horkan's computer. The man from Chester Road, Castle Bromwich, was fined £4,000 ($5,235) and then ordered to pay £1,200 ($1570) after he previously admitted to two charges of possessing extreme pornographic images.

Birmingham Live reported that authorities found Horkan had downloaded 1,469 still images as well as 210 moving images that involved sexual acts with dogs and horses. He is also reported to have used particular search words in his web browser to look for this kind of porn.

Prosecutor Timothy Harrington said at the Birmingham Crown Court that the material was downloaded by Horkan between April 2014 and April 2015. He added: "Two of the videos, it was readily apparent, involved a woman with whom the defendant had been in a relationship with." Horkan also said that his partner had sex with his dogs and was apparently encouraged by her. Harrington continued: "He admitted he got sexual gratification from these films and had watched them on a number of occasions."

Judge Melbourne Inman QC said in a passing sentence: "Between 2014 and 2015 you downloaded imagery which it is not necessary to detail again, which are abhorrent. Two of them involved a lady whom you were living with which is an aggravating feature. There is no suggestion at all this was anything other than consensual adult behavior." 

The judge also said that he had taken into account the significant delay that was involved in the case and that there wasn't any repetition of the vile behavior. Inman then said that Horkan was an intelligent man who had managed to lose "important" employment because of the offense. However, Horkan has managed to set up a company with a partner since the offense.

Defense attorney Lynette McClement said that Horkan's initial relationship with the woman was a financial one but that had reportedly changed. She said: "In the course of that relationship his interest in extreme pornography was limited to that timescale. This was a shared interest." McClement also said that the business Horkan has started had every chance of being a successful one and has employed 10 people so far.


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