Burning questions of 'Riverdale' Season 3 answered

Burning questions of 'Riverdale' Season 3 answered

We have to be honest, the hit CW series 'Riverdale,' lost a few fan followers with its 22 episodes' Season 2, but the hype is still raging, as stronger than ever; thanks to the adorable 'Bughead,' Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart who is also an inspiring real-life couple and the continuous award wins of cast and crew members, and not to forget, KJ Apa's shirtless clips.

Season 3 of 'Riverdale' premieres on October 10 and the show is doing so well to keep the fans on their toes and look out for more details. The recently released trailer spooked many because of sheer plot twists and baffling scenes. Why does Archie have a serpent tattoo? But there are more questions that we need answers for.


The 30-second trailer released on August 29, features creepy pagan references and the terrifying cult activities. But first of all, let's focus on the trailer, that raised so many questions:

Why is Archie in handcuffs?

The first glimpse of the trailer shows Archie Andrews in handcuffs sitting in the back of a bus. This clearly indicates that he is going to prison and there's more evidence of that later in the trailer. At the end of season one, Archie finds himself arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock (which, of course, he did not commit); he was set up by his girlfriend, Veronica's, villainous father Hiram Lodge. 

How long will Archie be in prison?

The answer: not long. Because he is available for the episodes, going for a vacation after his "worst summer ever," and on and off the football field. We can be assured that Archie won't be in trouble for long as he's the hero anyway, and he has one hell of a girlfriend who challenges her father saying that 'Varchie' is the "endgame."

Are FP and Alice really lying in bed together semi-naked?

Your eyes did not ditch you. FP and Alice Cooper are all snuggled up under the sheets together. How did this happen? As we know, they did have a past together and don't tell me you missed the sexual tension in previous episodes. And now that her husband has been arrested for being a serial killer, Alice is available to rekindle her lost romance with a fellow serpent. 


Wait, does that mean Betty and Jughead are siblings? 

As much as we love 'Falice,' we still want 'Bughead.' It is indeed weird that their parents are sleeping together, but we've seen that plot before in 'Gossip Girl,' and Dan Humphrey and Serena Van Der Woodsen made it in the end right? We are happy for FP and Alice, but we'd hate to see 'Bughead' end. Also, Betty and Jughead look stronger than ever as they make out outdoors near an open flame.

More questions about Archie...

What is up with a serpent tattoo on Archie's arm?

Archie isn't a member of the 'Serpents' so why is there a serpent tattoo, (that we also see on Alice's thighs), on Archie's arm? Sadly, it is not clear, but there are ample theories already that suggest it is a temporary tattoo to protect him from the Ghoulies while in jail. 

Is our beloved red-head getting beat up by the cops?

There's a riot that takes place at the prison and Archie gets whacked by the guards. 



What is The Farm that Polly refers to?

Now this will be a long answer. Rewind to Season 1, the "Farm" is the place Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom were planning to run off to when they found out Polly was pregnant. While the idea of the "Farm" was that of a beautiful place; it is, in fact, a cult and Polly was there to escape the Black Hood in season 2.

Polly has referred to the "Farm" several times but in Season 2, when she finally tells Betty that the Farm taught her that "forgiveness is the most valuable gift we can give," and "The Farm" named her children, we get the idea that "Farm" is a cult.

And what is up with with the cult and sacrificial ritual?

It's the Farm. As Polly sees 'The Farm' as a remedy for her struggling mother, she says "I think I have someone who can help you, mom. A friend of mine, on The Farm who healed me when I was so broken after Jason. If you're open to it, I would love to invite him to come to visit and talk to you." Alice agrees to the offer and spooky music plays in the background. Then it escalates to the ritual where Alice and Polly hold the twins above a burning flame. How spooky did it get?



Are those supernatural creatures for real?

Before we see the real version of a supernatural creature, we see a handbook filled with its images. Given that the cult is thriving and there are rituals and pagan references, we are and are not shocked to see a creepy horned demon in the bedroom. It just got spookier. 

Ending on a positive note, will there be a musical?

Season 2's musical production of 'Carrie: The Musical,' which ended with the gory murder of Midge was a grand success for 'Riverdale.' So Season 3 will have another round of musical episode, according to an announcement made during Comic-Con 2018. They are also thinking of making these musicals an annual thing. 

Why did Michael Consuelos join the show?

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa’s son will play a young Hiram Lodge in the season’s flashback episode. Yup! There's a flashback episode with the teens playing their parents including Betty playing Alice and Jughead playing F.P in episode 4 titled 'The Midnight Club,' which will reveal “a really, really dark secret that the parents have been keeping” since their high school days.

Is it October 10 already?

Nope, but we are getting there!

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 Burning questions of Riverdale Season 3 answered