'Burden Of Truth' Season 3 finale reveals a pregnant Joanna, fans demand Season 4: 'Need to see a Jo-illy baby'

The Season 3 of 'Burden Truth' ended on a happy note and fans are eagerly waiting for a Season 4

                            'Burden Of Truth' Season 3 finale reveals a pregnant Joanna, fans demand Season 4: 'Need to see a Jo-illy baby'
Kristin Kreuk and Peter Mooney (IMDb)

All's well that's end well, for now at least. After a worrying Season 3 of 'Burden Of Truth', fans weren't sure if the season would end on a happy note. But that actually happened, as Kodie Chartrand  (Sera Lys McArthur) won the case and got her kids back, Solomon Stone was exposed and Luna Spence (Star Slade) saved the day. Billy Crawford (Peter Mooney) and Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) are finally content, share a romantic dance, leaving all their fans and happy. The episode jumped forward in time for us to see a very pregnant Joanna  It ends on a sweet note, as she gives her unborn child a little prep talk about the world and promises not to 'screw her up'. Everyone seems blissful and happy, leaving fans to wonder if there would be a Season 4 at all.

Fans really want to see Billy and Joanna's baby. "Okay but #BurdenOfTruth better be renewed for Season 4!!!!!!!! I need to see baby Jo-illy!!!!!" a fan tweeted. "Hugely satisfying #BurdenOfTruth wrap-up ... and @MsKristinKreuk clearly studied how to get the physicality right in the closing scene. There’s a Season 4 story to be told there; hope the show gets to do it. #[email protected] @CBC," another tweeted.

"Wow Joanna talking to her future baby was so inspiring the words flowed effortlessly with love #BurdenOfTruth," a fan wrote."“I bet our kid will do it faster” ARE WE GOING TO MEET THEIR BABY?! ARE WE GETTING A SEASON 4?!" a fan wondered.

"“You can be anything you want to be in this life. Well, any kind of lawyer you want to be.” Let’s be honest this kid will be a lawyer for sure #BurdenOfTruth," a fan wrote.

"Maybe I’m sobbing over Joanna’s speech to her baby bump .... @MsKristinKreuk truly is one of the very best of the best and has such a way to make you feel all of the feelings with every scene that she takes on. such a powerhouse of a talent and a gem of a human #BurdenOfTruth," a fan tweeted.


Well, we are waiting too, for a Season 4. As of now, everything seems uncertain due to the coronavirus pandemic, but you never know. 

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