'Bull' Season 4 Review: 'Flesh and Blood' gives Chris Jackson's Chunk Palmer some much-needed screentime

'Bull' Season 4 Review: 'Flesh and Blood' gives Chris Jackson's Chunk Palmer some much-needed screentime
Chuck Palmer (Jeffrey Neira/CBS)

Spoiler alert for 'Bull' Season 4 Episode 15 'Flesh and Blood'

An episode that explores dysfunctional relationships. 'Bull' spring a surprise by giving Chunk Palmer (Chris Jackson) a shot to doing Benny Colon's (Freddy Rodriguez) job. This was the second time in the series that Chunk was in the spotlight and it's pretty refreshing to see him working out things on his own. The case revolves around Vivian Cahill (Anna Wood) who moves back home to take care of her father, Terrence Cahill (Jonathan Hogan), who was confined to the wheelchair after a series of strokes.

However, those who look at her as a dutiful daughter are immediately proved wrong as he disapproves of her career as a professional Poker player, labeling her as a degenerate. It is also revealed that Vivian is in debt by 300,000 and the prosecutor puts two and two together thinking the sole reason she was with Terence was for the money. Also, adding to Vivian's woes was the death of her father who was shown to be murdered with a wound to the head and all evidence pointed at Vivian, who was accused of killing her father and using the money.


Benny is seen to be out of commission with an appendix and Chunk fills in. With Benny supporting him from the hospital, Chunk gets a chance to prove himself and starts off well by introducing potential witnesses and solid arguing points. However, one of the moves backfire and discards Chunk's theory leaving him in a pickle. There is the always-existing sentiment angle with Chunk putting Vivian on the stand and getting her to admit that despite all that's happened, she still loves her dad.

Support comes in the form of Danny James (Jaime Lee Kirchner) who with some sharp detective work unmasks the murderer. Identified as Daniel Zabinski (Alex Hazen Floyd), he was the son of one of Terence's workers fired by him seven weeks ago. Incidentally, the Zabinski's were also evicted from their home and this led to Daniel going into a full-fledged rage thereby killing Terrence. 

In a change of events, it is also revealed that Daniel was, in fact, Terrence's son. Vivian at the point recalls a terrible patch between her parents leading to them splitting. Chunk uses it to his advantage and grills Daniel on stand who confesses to killing Terrence, but it was an accident. Terrence uses a poker and tries to threaten him leading to a scrimmage. The confession clears Vivian. 


It is another typical 'Bull' ending and fans will be hoping to see Benny back in court again. For now, it's Chunk's time to shine and he does so. 

'Bull' airs Mondays at 10 pm ET on CBS.

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