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Bugatti tests leaner and meaner $3M Chiron Pur Sport on Bilster Berg's challenging racetrack

Bugatti's engineers provide an exclusive insight into their development work and give an idea on what to expect from the $3.25M, 1479-hp racing machine

"Time to unleash the beast" might be one of the most cliched lines that auto-enthusiasts would have heard. Vin Diesel said it in 'Furious 7' and now Bugatti fans will have every reason to say it out loud and celebrate as the testing for the upcoming limited edition of the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport has begun. After weeks of lockdown, Bugatti's engineers rolled out the car at the 19-turn Bilster Berg racetrack in Germany to fine-tune the racing machine.

There are stark differences between the Chiron and the Chiron Pur Sport. For starters, the Pur Sport has lost around 50 kilograms of weight compared to the Chiron. The downforce has been increased and the chassis is firm, agile and tuned for the most demanding roads with varying bends. Complementing this is a newly developed gearbox with a 15 percent shorter gear ratio and an increased maximum engine speed.

According to Bugatti development chief, Stefan Ellrott, the changes made a world of a difference. "The W-16 engine with 1,500 PS (1,479 hp) and 1,600 NM (1,180 lb-ft) of torque now feels like it revs up even faster, providing a significantly more tangible and emotive driving experience," he said. "It’s a tight program that we’ve planned. But we’ve made use of every day to further fine-tune the Pur Sport. Given the challenging, three-dimensional topography and the well-secured track here with its ample run-off zones, we can push the Pur Sport to its physical limits," Ellrott added while the sleek black Pur Sport was roaring across the track. 

According to Bugatti, the Chiron Pur Sport can vroom from 18-62 mph in sixth gear a couple of full seconds quicker than the Chiron (Bugatti)

The team spent three days at Blister Berg — a track with 9 right turns, 10 left turns,44 crests and dips, 20 percent uphill and 26 percent downhill grades with a change in elevation of 70 meters over 4,207 meters. The challenge was to ensure the Pur Sport would be fine-tuned for maximum performance. 

"Every system has to function perfectly on its own, but also in conjunction with the entire vehicle, of course. And it has to do so at all speeds and for all movements," said Head of Chassis Development, Jachin Schwalbe. And the results were out there to see. "Even for our engineers who are very familiar with the Chiron, this is so much fun that they don't want to get out of the car," Schwalbe added. "The Chiron Pur Sport makes you a better driver."

According to Bugatti, the Chiron Pur Sport can vroom from 18-62 mph in sixth gear a  couple of full seconds quicker than the Chiron. In Schwalbe's words, "It's simply a pure, uncompromising driving machine." That said, Bugatti also intends to test at other tracks including the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport costs roughly $3.2M and will manufacture only 60 units.