Bubbly Blaster on ‘Shark Tank’: What's the cost, who are the founders and how you can fit it on champagne bottles

A super cool product for a party night, the Bubbly Blaster attaches to any champagne bottle, turning it into a long-lasting champers cannon

                            Bubbly Blaster on ‘Shark Tank’: What's the cost, who are the founders and how you can fit it on champagne bottles
Stason Strong and Bradley Hall on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

Ready for a celebration? A duo of entrepreneurs from Los Angeles, California, brings celebrating with champagne to the next level with their fun and less-mess product on ‘Shark Tank’ this week and you wouldn't want to miss their pitch for the world!

A super cool product for a party night, the Bubbly Blaster attaches to any champagne bottle, turning it into a long-lasting champers cannon! Not just that, it can be used one-handed, it’s comfy to hold, as well as being very controllable and efficient. It even works as a bottle stopper when you’re not using it, preserving your champagne to be enjoyed later on. Sadly, it can only fit champagne bottles right now, but it has an adjustment system to fit all sizes as the top openings of bottles can vary.

Bubbly Blaster on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

What is Bubbly Blaster?

Can't wait to use it? Here are the things you need to know. “Bubbly Blasters attach to all full size (750 ml) champagne bottles. The blasters will also fit most 375 ml and 1000 ml champagne bottles, as well. Depending on the temperature, how bubbly your champagne is, and how much you care to shake it, the Bubbly Blaster can produce a stream up to 30 feet when the trigger is full throttle,” the official website reads.

Weighing 9.5 ounces or 270 grams, depending on accessories, one of the best features of the Bubbly Blaster is that it completely seals in the champagne when you’re not spraying it. Place a half-used bottle in the fridge with the Bubbly Blaster still attached and you’ll still have fresh, bubbly champagne the next day. It is recommended to aim the Bubbly Blaster away from eyes and ears, but with some practice and by throttling the trigger, a gentle stream can be achieved for close-range fun!


Who are the founders?

Stason Strong along with Bradley Hall were the brainchild behind Bubbly Blaster. The duo, who hail from Los Angeles, California, co-founded the brand within its headquarters in the Greater Los Angeles region, West Coast. Founded in 2017, it has a great presence on social media with over 22,000 followers on Instagram.

Shedding light on their journey, the founders wrote on their website, “We designed and created the Bubbly Blaster prototypes in southern California, and are currently manufactured in China, just outside of Hong Kong, in a worker-safe factory.”

Explaining how the product works, they also jotted down, “The Bubbly Blaster uses the naturally pressurizing carbonation of champagne to build up gas pressure above the liquid when the bottle is upside-down, forcing the champagne out of the neck of the bottle and the Bubbly Blaster’s handle. With the Bubbly Blaster’s patented sealing system, throttling trigger and specific pressure drop created across our special nozzle shape, the Bubbly Blaster’s parts all work together to give you a fun and easy to use spraying experience!” 

Bubbly Blaster on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

What is the cost?

The product is available in different varieties — Gold Bubbly Blaster, Rose Gold Bubbly Blaster, Hot Pink Bubbly Blaster, White Bubbly Blaster and Black Bubbly Blaster — all at a price of $99.99. You can also get the Bubbly Blaster Video Mount at $9.99 and Bubbly Blaster Phone Cradle at $14.99. 

Are you a fan of caps? Buy a set of caps — Limited Edition Snapback — available in colors Black, White and Charcoal at just $24.99. 


Where can you buy it?

You can buy it on the official website and the product is also available on Amazon

Wondering how to use it? The website reads, “Our patented design allows you to attach the Bubbly Blaster to any champagne bottle with ease. Just pop it in, snap it down and flip the entire thing over, and you're ready to blast!”

“When the bottle is finally out of champers, it's just as easy to remove the Bubbly Blaster. We've also designed the system to be safely removed when a bottle is still pressurized. To kick it up a notch, we've added accessory ports for nozzle attachments, a GoPro compatible Video Mount and universal Phone Cradle so that you can recordyour wild Blaster adventures firsthand.”

Bubbly Blaster on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

Who will steal the deal?

‘Shark Tank’ Season 12 Episode 9 returned to ABC after the winter break on January 8, 2021, at 8 pm ET. Catch the latest episode featuring Alex Rodriguez on January 15, 2021. Sharing a sneak peek, the official handle tweeted, “@AROD is jumping back into the #SharkTank tonight! Find out if he makes any deals at 8|7c on ABC.” The other Sharks on the show include Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran.


As for who will get the deal, it seems it could easily be Mark and Alex together. Take your guess! 

Missed an episode? Been wanting to catch up? Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu. Not just that, you can also watch old seasons and episodes on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

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