BTS world tour ticket sales reach $100 million after landmark Wembley Stadium concert, band’s agency valued over $1 billion

Here's how the BTS Army has helped band members RM, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope and Suga, achieve sensational success all over the world

                            BTS world tour ticket sales reach $100 million after landmark Wembley Stadium concert, band’s agency valued over $1 billion

About 90,000 fans of South Korean band BTS gathered at the Wembley Stadium in London June 2 for the band's concert as part of their world tour for their latest album, 'Map of Soul: Persona'. The 90,000 fans sang 'Forever Young' in Korean to the band members who were in tears with all the love they were receiving from the fans and this is just an inkling of what the fan army has helped the band and its entertainment agency BigHit achieve in the six years since the band debuted in 2013.

Members RM, Jimin, V, J-Hope, Jin, Suga and Jungkook performed in the U.S., followed by the landmark performance at Wembley and are currently in France, Paris. According to a report in Allkpop, Hyundai Research Institute released a report that put the value of entertainment agency BigHit, which represents BTS, at between 1.28 trillion won ($1.08 billion) and 2.28 trillion won ($2.3 billion).

The band has a following unlike anything the South Korean entertainment industry has seen in the past when it comes to a global presence. From North America, Europe to Asia and other places, the BTS Army is present everywhere. For instance, the bands latest album, which released April 12, has already sold 3.23 million units as of the end of May. The band has also grossed $99,094,377 in sales of world tour tickets and they are just halfway through. 

A fan posted this picture of Jimin from the Wembley concert, London. (Source: Twitter)

They have completed 22 shows so that is an average of $4,504,290 per show, and the band has 36 more shows left. The performance at Wembley Stadium was a lot more special for the band as fans surprised the band members with their 'Forever Young' tribute leaving them in tears.

Videos of fans performing this song were what helped Jimin pull through some times, and 90,000 people singing it to the band turned out to be an emotional moment for the bandmates. Just before this, RM had said during a speech, "So the U.K. was like the big, big wall to me. But tonight we, and you guys, just broke the wall."

It was also noted that the band's geographically diverse fanbase will help them expand into other sectors including travel, fashion and cosmetics as BTS has a spectacular presence on social media. The entertainment agency achieved a big feat by beating three of the biggest entertainment agencies in South Korea - JP Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment. They achieved this with a profit of 64.1 billion won, up 97.1 percent from a year earlier.