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What is BTS Vlog? Big Hit Music celebrates ARMY day by teasing 7 vlogs

BTS members will release seven solo vlogs featuring members doing different acitivities for fans on the occassion of ARMY's birthday
In celebration of ARMY day, BTS teases a schedule for their upcoming vlog releases featuring one solo member doing one activity of their choice (Big Hit Music)
In celebration of ARMY day, BTS teases a schedule for their upcoming vlog releases featuring one solo member doing one activity of their choice (Big Hit Music)

It is true that there is no day-off for you once you are successful and this fact is true for BTS who will now be entertaining fans even during their vacation. BTS announced their hiatus from group activities and shocked the world when it was announced that the boy group will be focusing on their solo projects instead of working together as a group. It was assumed that BTS was almost over but that is not true at as members themselves clarified that BTS was not going anywhere and would come back together sooner than ever.

Well, that just might be true as it was announced that BTS will be holding a group concert in October 2022 in order to promote the upcoming 2030 Busan Expo. Now as the hiatus of BTS does not seem like it anymore, Big Hit Music has announced a series of vlogs featuring the members of the boy group. Back in 2019, BTS members released a similar series of vlogs that were released for fans as the members went on vacation.


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BTS announce a series of vlogs for fans

On July 8, on the occasion of ARMY day, the day when BTS fandom was officially introduced to the world, Big Hit Music announced the release of 'BTS Vlogs' that will be released over the next month in order to entertain fans. In the released schedule, BTS' official Twitter handle posted, "Seven people Seven colors. BTS's colorful daily lives will be revealed." It was announced that the series of vlogs will be released every Saturday at a very specific time -- 7.07 pm KST.

The schedule includes a timeline of the different kinds of vlogs including an art museum vlog, a drive vlog, a camping vlog, a comforting J vlog, a cooking vlog, a bracelet workshop vlog, and a wood workshop vlog. While there is not anything revealed about who the BTS member will be featured on each of the vlogs, fans have started making their assumptions about which BTS member could be a part of each of the vlogs. 


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How to watch the BTS Vlogs?

The upcoming BTS vlogs will be released from July 9 at 7.07 pm KST (6.07 am ET) onwards on BTS' official YouTube channel - BangtanTV. The first vlog will be a drive vlog and fans are sure it will feature V aka Kim Taehyung. The next vlog from BTS will be released on July 16 and it is titled, 'Comforting J Vlog', which fans believe features BTS' J-Hope. Fans believe that J-Hope will discuss his solo debut album in the vlog as he is all set to make his debut on July 17. Following that, a new vlog will be released on July 23 and it is titled as a Bracelet-making vlog that fans believe would feature Jimin.

The next vlog is titled as 'Art Museum visit vlog' that will premiere on July 30, which fans are sure will feature RM aka Kim Namjoon. The next vlog will be a camping vlog that will be released on August 6 and fans are sure it will feature maknae Jungkook. On August 8, BTS will release a Cooking vlog that fans think will feature BTS' oldest member who loves his food aka Jin. The final BTS Vlog to release will drop on August 20 when fans think Suga will try his hand at Wood carving.