BTS star V drops Christmas special track ‘Snow Flower’, Army thanks him for 'saving 2020'

The track featuring long time friend/musician Peakboy garnered more than 500,000 YouTube views within 25 minutes of uploading

                            BTS star V drops Christmas special track ‘Snow Flower’, Army thanks him for 'saving 2020'
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Christmas just got merrier for BTS V fans worldwide as Kim Taehyung aka V just dropped a festive special track ‘Snow Flower’. V not just created a song for comforting BTS' army of fans, he also thanked ‘white angels’, a phrase used for frontline workers fighting Covid and saving 2020. BTS army believes that Kim Taehyung is the answer to a bad year, as they are flooding social media platforms in the praise of K-pop crooner's new track ‘Snow Flower’ and so are we. Here’s what the BTS army says about the new track.

When V says he writes songs to heal, you know that’s exactly what he will deliver. His melodies not just touch hearts, it makes BTS army feel things never felt before. He lays his vulnerability down carefully and wraps it in the warmth of his voice to provide comfort. With ‘Snow Flower’, he does exactly that. The track produced by the 'Singularity' singer along with his long time friend, musician Peakboy, garnered more than 500,000 YouTube views within 25 minutes of uploading.



The song in true Kim Taehyung signature has a slow bluesy rhythm tinged with V’s smooth soulful voice and a beautiful musical arrangement. Lyrics like “Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at all. Bright mistletoes up above us, it's just you and me. ‘I love you’”, or “When the world beautifully colours into white, I’ll spread those faded colours together with you. This year, there are many white angels here and there. Take a deep breath and look at those flowers that look like you.” He goes on to sing “Did you see the snow? Like your eyes. Believe in Santa Claus?” and at the end, when he sings simply ‘You make me wanna be a better man’ translates an array of honest emotions almost magically.

Here’s how you can live stream the song

The 3 minutes 49 seconds track is available to live stream both in Sound Cloud and YouTube. Listen to the SoundCloud track here.


What is BTS Army saying?

After BTS Jimin dropped his festive special track 'Christmas Love' in the morning and Kim Taehyung dropped a clue in the Weverse about something dropping at 12 am KST, BTS army were well aware that V will be releasing new music tonight. After ‘Snow Flower’ dropped, here’s what the Kim Taehyung fans are saying. A user wrote, “The jazzy vibes pls i’m clutching my heart, snow flower is so beautiful.” Another BTS army wrote, “How did kim taehyung perfectly capture the feeling of walking hand in hand with your lover during winter and they stop you and unwrap their scarf and put it around you just because you looked too cold even though you’re bundled in layers already.”

A Taehyung fan pointed out, “Kim Taehyung thanked white angels in his post.. White angles are those frontliners, doctors and all the medical staff who risked their lives everyday.. Kim Taehyung..” The fan base added, “Kim Taehyung wrote in his Snow Flower post: “For Today I hope white flowers come down to your hearts. White flowers represent purity, innocence and humility and this makes white flowers the perfect way to express the purest form of love.” Another fan said, “Listening to Snow Flower is like walking into a house and knowing you're home, kim taehyung’s beautiful angelic soulful voice blessing us and made christmas much more better.”

Given the way 2020 has gone, a fan simply thanked him for "saving 2020".














Listen to ‘Snow Flower’ here


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