BTS' V aka Kim Taehyung releases sneak peek of his mixtape, #KTH1iscoming say excited fans

BTS' V aka Kim Taehyung releases sneak peek of his mixtape, #KTH1iscoming say excited fans
V of BTS (Getty Images)

BTS member Kim Taehyung who goes by stage name V released a sneak peek of his upcoming mixtape on social media on Wednesday, July 1. This has left fans shocked and excited for some great new music from the member of one of the most famous K-Pop groups in the world. It was in May, after fellow member Suga had released his mixtape, that V had shown interest in coming out with a mixtape of his own. At that time, he had confessed that he is paying close attention to the songs that will be a part of mixtape since he wants to give fans great songs to enjoy. 


It is one such song's teaser which was released. Along with the teaser, the caption that was released expressed how much V had looked forward to this day. While the song is still incomplete, he hoped that the fans could wait just a bit longer after listening to the spoiler of the song. The hashtag #MightDeleteLater revealed that the post could be deleted.


You can watch the video here.

The lyrics of the song are also being guessed by fans with different versions floating online, but the one that has been shared the most is as follows.

//Words was given to me, 

From the heart of the love-less


I play the games, fixed the puzzles

Though I'm missing pieces

And it looks like my life is just perfect

But behind this smile, it really hurts me 

I am trying to save my love

Saving myself

With an Umbrella//

The lyrics of the song worry fans who believe that V needs to be protected. It might be a heartbreaking song, as it appears from the lyrics of the first 40 seconds of the song released so far.  One fan wrote about the teaser and said, "#KTH1iscoming y'all. His voice is so deep and beautiful. and even if he spoiled only 40 sec you can already say that his future mixtape is a definition of art. breath if you agree (sic)."


Another fan wrote, "I really want protect him, I really need that, Taehyung is so important to me is my baby I really want his happiness, he is so PURE in all senses and this world is so ugly for him bc he deserves ALL THE GOOD THINGS he is my angel without wings #KTH1iscoming." 

There is a lot of excitement for the complete song. One of the fans shared, "Taehyung only shared a small spoiler and we’re already in shambles. Imagine the full song." 


The last solo song of V was when the idol had written and sung 'Sweet Night' for his friend Park Seo-joon's show 'Itaewon Class'.

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