What is 'BTS Universe Story'? K-pop supergroup reveals interactive mobile game, fans call storyline 'heartwarming'

Fans were excited to know that pictures of the K-pop supergroup in a classroom were for the trailer of an upcoming video game titled 'BTS Universe Story'

                            What is 'BTS Universe Story'? K-pop supergroup reveals interactive mobile game, fans call storyline 'heartwarming'
BTS Universe Story (Getty Images)

For the past few days, fans of K-pop superstars BTS had been wondering what the pictures of the group in a classroom meant. Many speculated it is from an upcoming music video while others believed it to be part of an upcoming short film by the band. But, now, it has been revealed that pictures were from the just-released trailer for an upcoming video game titled 'BTS Universe Story'.

One fan, on the release of the trailer, wrote, "Remember these pictures?!! That no one knew what they were for? Now you know..." while another tweeted, "remember when Armys making theories about these behind the scene pictures????" But making an official announcement, the verified handle of the 'BTS Universe Story' sent out the following tweet: "First reveal for the full official BTS Universe Story trailer! Immerse yourself in the story behind the universe, the BTS Universe Story that you'll help create!"




The interactive mobile game, developed in a partnership between Big Hit Entertainment and Netmarble, will officially launch worldwide on September 24, 2020. Before its release, the official trailer, over 10 minutes in length, was uploaded on YouTube today, September 15. The full-length trailer stars BTS members playing various roles in the game's tragic storyline. BTS member Jin stars as the main lead who holds the key to dimensional travel. The other members, RM, V, & Jungkook, demonstrate acting skills as they take a nostalgic ride with scenes from BTS's previous music videos.


Fans of BTS immediately took to Twitter to express their feelings about the trailer. One fan, talking about the mood of the upcoming mobile game, wrote, "It seems more like a mystery and suspense movie. The animation part is too good that we can feel the fantasy world over there, I can't wait to play this game. I want a happy ending for them," while another tweeted about the storyline saying, "the storyline is already so sad and tragic and now this animation is making it, even more, angst.. it has suspense and mystery this has a good potential tbh, also can we all agree that we need to see actor Bangtan more often."



Another member of the BTS Army expressed how sad the storyline of the game seems from its trailer and said, "bts universe story is so? sad? it's also very realistic with how the characters are portrayed. they're just normal boys living their life, except no one really knows how hard their life is. they experienced many sh*tty things but grateful that they at least they had one another."


The same fan continued, "like )): it's such a relatable friendship story? except without the stabbing and time travel and hit and runs.... but the story itself. the fact that you love those people so much, you're willing to risk your life to give them better lives after seeing their current situation." The fan further wrote about how invested they are in the game and said, "it's just really so? investing and heartwarming to see the story? like i know it's fiction, but we also all know that these boys love each other so much, they love each other like no other and it's nice to see their love portrayed even in their fictional universe."



For more information on the mobile game, visit the official website, here!