Suga's fans slammed for trending Jim Jones over Black Lives Matter as BTS rapper's song uses cult leader's sermon

The BTS Army got slammed for trending Jim Jones on Twitter over 'Black Lives Matter', other people on social media found it 'insensitive'

                            Suga's fans slammed for trending Jim Jones over Black Lives Matter as BTS rapper's song uses cult leader's sermon
Suga and Jim Jones (Getty Images/ Nancy Wong/Wikipedia Commons)

K-Pop star Suga aka Min Yoon-gi's latest track 'What do you think' has managed to ruffle quite a few feathers. The singer used the infamous preacher Jim Jones' sermons in the intro verse of the song. When K-pop fans heard the song they were appalled to hear Jones' sermon, and immediately began demanding Big Hit Entertainment, the South Korean entertainment group behind the track to issue an apology for their insensitivity.

Within minutes 'Jim Jones' was trending on Twitter with people expressing outrage over the usage of his sermon in a song. Jones is a preacher responsible for the murder of several people from his cult in Guyana. Fans were outraged to see Jones trending instead of 'Black Lives Matter'. With the death of George Floyd and ongoing protests across the country against police brutality towards blacks, people felt that it was insensitive to get Jim Jones trending. 

A fan tweeted, "Wow y’all got that Jim Jones sh*t trending mad quick over Black Lives huh?" Another fan shared, "Y’all be hating on yoongi because of the jim jones speech but say NOTHING about the real problem here: BLACK LIVES MATTER."

"Had me thinking jim jones the rapper was trending on kpop for no reason but no..... Y'all rather do this AND THEN STILL be silent and private on Black Lives Matter. Y'all some garbage. Y'all are goons, washed trash a** goons,"

"You guys have a hashtag on jim jones trending above a black lives matter hashtag. At this moment everyone’s worrying about the wrong thing. In the end black army’s should worry about an apology and if we accept that apology. Like there’s a time and place for everything," wrote a fan.

Another fan shared, "I’m saying this once. SO YOU TREND JIM JONES MORE THAN Black LIVES MATTER BECAUSE THAT’s MORE IMPORTANT THAN PPL LIVES ?! That shouldn’t be the problem rn. I’m sure a apology letter will come out but a apology won’t come out of george floyd DEATH. #BlacklivesMaters." "It’s also sad how army can make “Jim Jones” trending but can’t make black lives matter blow up. Come on army we can do better then this, just email big hit and wait for a statement," expressed another disgruntled fan.

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