BTS 'MTV Unplugged': Here's the leaked playlist Army is obsessing over, from 'Telepathy to 'Fix You' cover

BTS will perform 'Life Goes On', 'Telepathy' and 'Dynamite' from their BE album and a surprise cover of Coldplay's 'Fix You'

                            BTS 'MTV Unplugged': Here's the leaked playlist Army is obsessing over, from 'Telepathy to 'Fix You' cover
K-pop supergroup BTS visit the SiriusXM Studios on February 21, 2020, in New York City (Getty Images)

With just a few hours left to go for the BTS 'MTV Unplugged' session, there is now a leaked playlist to obsess about. Fans have been wondering which songs the band will cover during their set played to a small, intimate but broadcasted to Armies across countries in different time zones.

There was a hint that the band would pick songs that would be more comforting than experimental, keeping pandemic times in mind. The channel itself dropped spoilers about the setlist thanks to their YouTube page that showed graphics of the videos scheduled to air with the names of some of the songs on view.


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MTV had already announced that the group will perform 'Dynamite'.

'Life Goes On', another song meant to uplift spirits is also part of the setlist, since BTS expressly created the song during the coronavirus pandemic. It is the single that defines their 'BE' album and since they haven't performed it in a concert, this song was always a contender, even before MTV released a teaser that saw the members perform a sit-down version of the song, backed by a live band.


On Feb. 23, MTV also revealed that BTS will perform a cover of Coldplay's 2005 single 'Fix You', accidentally. The video placeholder for the song appeared on MTV UK's YouTube channel for a short while before it was taken down. But fans had already taken screenshots of it and discussing it on Twitter.




'Fix You' is a declared favorite of at least two of the BTS members, Jin and Jimin.

The other leak was a clip of the band performing the fan-favorite BE track 'Telepathy', which was also subsequently deleted. 'Telepathy'. Written by Suga aka Min Yoongi, the song performance could be a hat tip to the return of the rapper to the stage. The song has never been performed live and this will be the first time fans will see the 'official' execution rather than just hear it. 

BTS performs during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2020 on December 31, 2019 in New York City. (Getty Images)

While the song clip has been deleted, a helpful fan uploaded the teaser on Twitter saying: "hello?? MTV deleted that video of bts performing telepathy but i download it anyways lmfao".  


Fans took to Twitter to discuss the songs revealed on the setlist and speculated about what else they might song. "we have 40+ mins of bts in mtv unplugged, so its confirm they will perform lgo, dynamite, fix you cover, & telepathy... that's only 12 mins, ofc there's talk segment BUT there's so much more time left so theres a possibility of them doing b&g, dis-ease, ftmr, and stay too ! omg," said one user, while another said: "dynamite is 3:20, telepathy is 3:22, life goes on is 3:27, and fix you is 4:55. that adds up to almost exactly 15 minutes. if we factor in some time for talking and introductions, i think we're going to get one more song, maybe two if we're lucky, but i think at least one more". Another tweet speculated: "Omg what if they sing Spring Day Brit rock ver? Like the one they did on Tiny Desk!!! Fix You and Spring Day - I would not survive this"    




Chances are that the band will stick to playing more songs BE that haven't been performed live, and sneak in some comfort faves like the surprise cover of 'Fix You', mixed with their chart-toppers like 'Dynamite' that is too big to miss even though they have performed it live before.