BTS' Jimin deletes Christmas video from Twitter after fans slam Taehyung for using e-cigarette

BTS' Jimin deletes Christmas video from Twitter after fans slam Taehyung for using e-cigarette
V of BTS visits The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show at Z100 Studio on April 12, 2019, in New York City. (Getty Images)

To share with the BTS fandom, Jimin made a Christmas video featuring several clips of the group and posted it on their official Twitter account. But he quickly deleted it after fans noticed that in one of those clips, Taehyung laid down on the floor with Juul (an e-cigarette) beside him. 

Once fans pointed out that there was really no way that the video would have sustained online, Jimin quickly deleted it. 

"Jimin deleted the video because Taehyung is smoking Juul lol does he want to ruin his voice..? It seems like he’s addicted then and ARMY's saying delete is exactly the problem if it's not a big deal why deleting everywhere," wrote an angry fan. "Juul has as much as nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes stop ruining your voice Taehyung he was telling us to not use medicine for us to fall asleep cuz it's not healthy but he's out here vaping???" they continued


"I recently saw a photo of #KimTaehyung laying down beside a Juul and I'm genuinely concerned for his health. I get where the people saying "he's 24 let him do whatever the fuck he wants" are coming from but yet again I've lost someone because of this bullshit called Juul," noted a fan, adding, "One of my family members got LUNG CANCER because of this shit and guess what happened next. DEATH. I want Taehyung living a happy, long life but with Juul that probably won't happen. I'm not trying to control him because it's his choice so Taehyung keep going if you want."

Some fans even found it appealing that Taehyung was vapes. "Yeah, vaping is bad, but seeing Taehyung hit his Juul would be highkey hot," wrote a fan. 

At the same time, there were those that were indifferent - that Taehyung was old enough to make his own decisions and that they might condemn the use of Juul and/ or smoking, but the pop star can make his own decisions. "if Taehyung wants to Juul fucking let him, he’s a grown-ass man he can do what he wants," said a fan. 


"so there was a Juul next to Taehyung's head on the video that Jimin posted (deleted) and some armies are getting pissed off? what the heck are you doing guys?? it's his own decision and you don't have the right to get pissed!! he's already adult for Pete's sake!!" said another.

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