BTS drops teaser for new song 'Dynamite', fans rave about disco-pop vibes and 'gorgeous' Jimin

The ‘Dynamite’ music video is set to come out on August 21 and the teaser had garnered hundreds of thousands of views within hours

                            BTS drops teaser for new song 'Dynamite', fans rave about disco-pop vibes and 'gorgeous' Jimin
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On Tuesday, August 18, K-pop band BTS dropped the teaser for their much-anticipated new single and its music video - ‘Dynamite’. The ‘Dynamite’ music video is set to come out on August 21. Obviously, K-pop fans, especially fans of BTS, have been raving about it ever since the teaser dropped.

The teaser starts with the seven members dressed in pastels against a pinkish-purple sky before vocalist Jimin leads the audience into a bright change of scenery with vibrant prime colors and the members breaking into choreography. 


The visuals and sound have an undeniable disco quality with dance steps setting up a ‘Saturday Night Fever’ vibe. According to a press release from the group’s label Big Hit Entertainment, “The teaser shows a glimpse into the dynamic choreography and the upbeat disco vibe of ‘Dynamite’ that exudes energy and freshness.”

In about an hour since the teaser dropped -- at the time of writing this -- the video on YouTube had already gathered 454,164 views. On Youtube, a fan wrote in the comments, "Dynamite is giving me if Lights and Boy with luv had a child vibes." Another wrote, "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG i can't believe my eyes they are sooo feeaking damn hot the teaser is a big Hit OMG i'm screaming."

On Twitter too, fans of the band could not stop talking about it. One fan wrote, “BST teaser gave us a completely different vibe from the original. Also, I NEED U, DNA, Spring Day, IDOL! I am ready to be surprised again. Nobody gave us this much excitement just with a few seconds of teasers.”


Another fan wrote, “Everybody talking about Dynamite being a disco-pop song. I've been in this game for too long. I know this song is going to end up sounding NOTHING like the teaser. I will not let them fool me for the 16th time.”


One fan wrote on Twitter, “Dynamite is not just song of the year… It’s the song of the decade.”


And while fans were going wild over the whole thing in anticipation, what struck them most was BTS member Jimin’s presence in the video. One fan wrote, “Can’t stop thinking about PARK JIMIN,” sharing a fancam of the ‘Dynamite’ teaser.


“Park Jimin?? How can you be this gorgeous pls? #Dynamite_BTS #DynamiteTeaser,” wrote another fan


BTS is all set to perform their new song ‘Dynamite’ as part of the MTV Music Video Awards, where they are nominated for three awards. The VMAs begin on August 30 at 8 pm ET.

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