BTS drop emotional concept teaser for 'Break The Silence: The Movie', fans say they are 'gonna cry now'

The documentary follows the members on tour, focusing on their inner thoughts and journey towards self-discovery

                            BTS drop emotional concept teaser for 'Break The Silence: The Movie', fans say they are 'gonna cry now'
BTS (Getty Images)

Big Hit has just dropped the first concept teaser, 'Persona', for the upcoming documentary film featuring BTS titled 'Break the Silence: The Movie'. The release follows 'Bring the Soul: The Movie', the third film from BTS which followed the group on their landmark 'Love Yourself' tour, taking fans behind the scenes and giving everyone a glimpse into everything it takes to be "Bangtan Sonyeondan".

While 'Bring the Soul' went into the heart of what it meant to be a performer, 'Break the Silence' delves into what it means to be a person. Fans will, essentially, get to see a deeper, more nuanced portrayal of the boys, and if the teaser is anything to go by, it's going to be one hell of an emotional ride.

The official synopsis for 'Break the Silence' revealed that the movie would once again follow BTS as they embark on a tour. But in addition to unseen footage, it also pointed to the members facing their "persona". The teaser reveals a quote from each member, beginning with RM who shares, "When making any observation, I tend to look at both the light and the shadows."

Jin follows with, "If you don't love yourself, I don't think you can do anything else." Suga states, "I used to think that the self I show to others and my real self were quite different, but I've come to realize that it's not really the case."

BTS performs during the Times Square New Year's Eve 2020 Celebration on December 31, 2019 in New York City (Getty Images)

J-Hope shares, "I want us to be a reason to smile for each and every person. Wouldn't that alone be a major success?" Jimin states, "It's hard to definitively say that I lost something because there were things I gained in the process." Taehyung's quote reads, "V may be one persona, but he should be able to show various parts of himself." And finally, Jungkook shares, "I think I'm constantly searching for myself."

The quotes are set to the background music of the song 'Sea', a track from the 2017 EP 'Love Yourself: Her'. Commenting on the song choice, one fan stated, "Out of all bts song they really chose to put sea as a bgm and expect me not to cry." Another shared, "They put 'Sea' as bgm for the concept trailer of 'Break the Silence', Persona...I'm really gonna cry now...when I listened to sea for the first time, I literally cried a lot cause it's so beautiful and soothing...I love this song so much."




Evidently, BTS will take their fans on a journey into the self as they figure out what it means to be both themselves and the personas they adopt on-stage. Speaking about the film's various revelations. One fan who managed to catch the show shared in a series of tweets, "Jin said Kim Seokjin and Jin are two different persons and he only shows the world his bright sight when in reality he is a lot more serious. Makes you think."

They further added, "The most devastating part was when Hobi said he probably won‘t know what to do with himself after BTS," as well as, "Taehyung said, in the beginning, he wanted to separate V from Kim Taehyung but he came to realize that they are more or less the same person so there‘s that."




"Break the Silence: The Movie' premiered on September 10 in cinemas globally. An additional limited screening will take place on September 24. Check out the teaser below.


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