BTS Army cancels Sofia Carson again after Disney's 'ARDYs Summer Playlist' re-airs her cover for 'Boy With Luv'

Some went as far as stating BTS should get a restraining order against Carson, but some fans of the boy band think the hate is unwarranted

                            BTS Army cancels Sofia Carson again after Disney's 'ARDYs Summer Playlist' re-airs her cover for 'Boy With Luv'
Sofia Carson and BTS (Getty Images)

'Radio Disney Presents ARDYs Summer Playlist' should have been a fun, musical night for fans of Disney shows and music, but unfortunately, the show has managed to anger the BTS Army after they featured an intro with Sofia Carson singing the boy band's smash hit 'Boy With Luv' as opposed to having BTS sing the song themselves.

In 2019, Sofia performed a medley of songs for the opening at the Radio Disney Music Awards/ARDYs, including Maren Morris’ 'The Middle', Taylor Swift‘s 'Me!' and BTS’s 'Boy With Luv'. And BTS Army slammed her for it, though they already hated her because she jumped into a photo of them on the Billboard red carpet.

Of course, not all viewers were fully aware of what the problem was, with one tweeting, "Why r BTS stans so pressed about Sofia Carson I don’t get it," adding, "If u search Sofia Carson it’s just full w BTS stans hating on her for some reason." BTS fans were, however, quick to explain why they were pissed off. One Army shared, "I can't believe they made Sofia Carson sing BWL but not let BTS perform their own song,,,, goodbye I hate Americans," while another stated, "@radiodisney so you’ll put Sofia Carson performing “Bou With Luv” a song by @BTS_twt and you won’t show them??????? B*tch make it make sense."

BTS attend Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2020 on December 31, 2019, in New York City (Getty Images)

Another Army said, "THEY PUT SOFIA CARSON ON MY SCREEN FOR SO DAMN LONG I WAS LIKE OKAY BTS MUST BE GETTING THEIR LITTLE MOMENT TOO BUT NAH HAD THEM SWAYING A LITTLE AND THSTS IT COULDNT EVEN HEAR THEIR VOICES," while one tweeted, "Can these shows FORREAL stop using BTS for clout???? How you gon show Sofia Carson singing BWL but only show like 5 seconds of the ACTUAL singers of that song Bye."

Another Army threatened, "The fact that they gave Sofia Carson butchering BWL more screentime than BTS.... whoever organized this sh*t better lock their doors tonight," while another, evidently not a fan of Carson's rendition, said, "I did not just see Sofia Carson Sing BOY WITH LUV IN A SEXUAL TONE The disrespect-it’s supposed to be peppy happy song not Senorita." And one Army stated, "BTS should get a restraining order on Sofia Carson."

One user shed some light on the hate Carson was receiving, stating, "I understand why Sofia Carson is being trodded on by Armys in my tl," and pointing to the "BWL performance (it was ok)" as well as Carson "taking pic with them without permission," before adding, "NGL I love Sofia Carson but those two were just not right but love her Disney stuff!". Another user stated, "Sofia Carson is gonna come on twitter and see everyone yelling at her," while one BTS fan tweeted, "Bro why are y’all hating on Sofia Carson? If it’s racist for her to sing a song in another language then it’s racist for BTS to do covers of American songs. stop hating on her, yalls have issues ~an army."

Sofia Carson attends Teen Vogue Celebrates Young Hollywood 2020 at San Vicente Bungalows on February 05, 2020, in West Hollywood, California (Getty Images)

Some were evidently annoyed by the BTS fans attacking Carson, stating, "F*cking bt*s stans making Sofia Carson trend because they're mad she took a picture next to them...even though it was a long *ss time ago. They're still not over it." Another user had a more measured response, sharing, "Armys are canceling Sofia Carson for getting into the group photo of BTS on the red carpet of BillBoard and saying that it was to take advantage of them, FIRST yes, it was wrong, however, why would that cancel her lol???" The user added that Carson was "famous enough to do that, she is a singer, songwriter, actress and knows how to dance and speak different languages," stating that if she weren't a celebrity of her status she would have never shared the red carpet with BTS, to begin with. The user concluded, "Stop with this, it was about 1-2 years ago, she did not nothing horrible or cancellable."

Other users agreed, stating they didn't see Carson doing anything disrespectful enough to warrant being canceled, with some even calling out other Armys for "wishing for bad things and even insulting her only for that when she is a wonderful person." Another Army stated, "If we ask for respect towards the boys we must also give it," adding that they would rather let others exist and "focus on streaming."

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