BTS Army drags Niall Horan for not listening to 'Dynamite', One Direction fans defend him: 'Just being honest'

When a BTS fan asked former One Direction member Niall Horan if he's heard 'Dynamite', Horan replied saying he hadn't and all hell broke loose

                            BTS Army drags Niall Horan for not listening to 'Dynamite', One Direction fans defend him: 'Just being honest'
Niall Horan and BTS (Getty Images)

Everyone knows that BTS, who recently scored their first-ever number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with the single 'Dynamite', has an insanely huge and dedicated fan following. The South Korean boy band's fandom is one of the most active globally, forever trending and supporting the boys as and when they need it. These fans aka Army are well known for promoting and hyping the K-pop superstars online.

So, when a Twitter user belonging to the BTS army asked former One Direction member Niall Horan if he had heard 'Dynamite' and Horan replied in the negative, all hell broke loose. Asking Horan this question, the user tweeted, "Niall did you listen to dynamite by bts yet??" to which Niall replied with a swift, "No I haven’t."



Soon, Niall's reply angered a number of BTS fans slammed the 'Nice to Meet Ya' singer not listening to 'Dynamite'. Explaining the situation, one user tweeted, "Lemme share something... Niall Horan is currently receiving backlash from BTS fans because fan ask Niall Horan if he already listen to dynamite by BTS. Note to other fandoms, don't mess with directioners. it doesn't end well."


Coming to Niall's defense, the user further tweeted, "Then Niall said he haven't. He's just being honest kzkssk don't expect people to have the same music taste as yours. we were born to be different. IMAGINE DRINAG NYO YUNG ARTIST JUST BECAUSE HE'S NOT LISTENING TO YOUR FAVE ARTIST MUSIC??? EW."



Directioners were quick to come to Niall's defense. One fan, denouncing the bashing of Horan, tweeted: "Armys are dragging niall because he haven’t listened yet to dynamite, are you f***ing kidding me?? dragging NIALL HORAN for that imbecile excuse??? NIALL HAS NO OBLIGATION TO HEAR YOUR LIKES EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT LIKES OF MUSIC. TOXIC KPOPP STANS."


Directioners weren't down with the slander at all as one fan tweeted about the BTS Army: "Arymy is the worst and toxic fandom ever. A fan asked @NiallOfficial if he already listen dynamite by @bts_bighit he answered 'No I haven't' Then you will attack him after hearing that...Hate armys."


More One Direction fans went after the BTS Army for attacking Niall. One fan said, "To those ARMYs who dragged Niall Horan cuz he didn't listen to Dynamite, gurl y'all toxic af Shut your mouth or just shut your mf mouth!!! Don't go dragging other people who's part of the fandom with your toxicity! Y'all don't deserve to be in this fandom!!!!"


Comparing the Billboard Hot 100 number ones, a One Direction fan reminded people of the British boy band's chart history saying, "Arfmys is now bashing Niall Horan for not listening to dynamite of bts. Like b***h you are now bragging about your billboard number one?? So lame. HARRY and ZAYN did that ALONE, fyi. Don't messed with directioners you f***ing armys."


Apparently, many people on the Internet blamed the Army for calling him racist but it was only as a joke. Another said, "Wtf? Who’s that Armys that attacking Niall Horan saying that he’s racist because he haven’t listen to dynamite?! Like bijj, so immature. All people have different taste. Duh."


There were positive replies too as one Army member tweeted: "Bangtan getting that bb hot100 #1 that ur band couldn't." Another BTS fan replied saying, "You are the one who makes your fandom (army) looks so toxic. If I was your idol, I feel ashamed having fans like you. Niall didn't say anything bad about yours, and one more thing, just because Dynamite in the 1st place, it doesn't mean everyone should listen to it bro..."



We're yet to hear from Niall react to this fresh Twitter storm.

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