Did BTS Army break the internet again? VLive, Weverse and YouTube crash during J-Hope's birthday live stream

Did BTS Army break the internet again? VLive, Weverse and YouTube crash during J-Hope's birthday live stream
J-Hope, whose real name Jung Ho-seok, shifted between multiple social networking apps as he tried to interact with the BTS Army (YouTube/BANGTANTV )

The BTS 'Army' has proved just how much they love Jung Ho-seok, popularly known by his stage name, J-Hope aka Hobi. The rapper and part of the BTS 'dance line' had promised to interact with fans on VLive on his birthday, even logging in a little early to say high to the early birds. But right after he waved to the screen, V Live crashed with the sheer number of Army who wanted to greet J-Hope on his special day.

The same thing was repeated on the Weverse app and then YouTube live stream, as J-Hope shifted between them trying to interact with his fans with a strawberry birthday cake and decorations in the background.


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The rapper restarted his live stream twice on V Live before shifting to YouTube, where he successfully live-streamed his birthday for half an hour. J-Hope brought out the cake in the staff-decorated studio with pictures of all the BTS members and a special framed memento celebrating Dynamite's BillBoard 100 reign. He blew out the candles as the Army posted live messages for his twenty-seventh birthday.

He expressed his gratitude to his fans, band members, and the staff and chatted with the BTS ARMY and even broke into a dance in the middle of the live stream. The BTS ARMY also trended J-Hope's sweater, the LOEWE’s Studio Ghibli-inspired Totoro Crafty Tree Sweater, priced at $1850.  





Despite the multiple crashes, which had the Army running from app to app, J-Hope still managed to get some quality time in with his fans. His tweets were translated by one fan account on Twitter. He had said: "it's 12:30 now! thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, and thank you to the staff who prepared for the vlive. and thank you to the armys who watched! and to my parents who brought me into <this world>, my sister and mickey. mickey has been very sick lately." (Mickey is J-Hope's pet dog)


After the birthday live stream was over, several Army took to Twitter to discuss in awe of their sheer numbers logging in from across the world. "ARMY breaking vlive, weverse, youtube.. we definitely are the god of destruction. there’s a reason why you can’t spell ARMY without RM", joked one fan, referencing BTS leader Kim Nam-joon aka RM's penchant of destroying things unintentionally, while another said: "That will be his [J-Hope] flex all day lol hey who crashed 3 platforms in 15 mins Hobi did".



J-Hope of BTS onstage at iHeartRadio LIVE with BTS presented by HOT TOPIC at iHeartRadio Theater on January 27, 2020 in Burbank, California. (Getty Images)

Another BTS Army on Twitter also compared the whole live stream experience to a recent 'Run BTS' episode that had the members playing tennis. "vlive to weverse to youtube to weverse to live to twitter to vlive," said one fan posting a picture of the BTS members at the tennis court, their heads swerving to follow the ball across the court. Another posted highlights from the live stream from multiple apps saying, "All the moments in Hobi's Vlive-Vlive-Youtube-Vlive". Another Army compared it to a "long distance realtionship", saying: "Last night's Live for JHope's Birthday was like video calling in a long distance relationship Went on VLive, crashed it, moved to Weverse, crashed it, changed to YouTube, had a good time till we crashed it, went back to VLive", with screenshots of all the crashed apps. 




Another beautiful graphic that showed the Twitter 'trendsmap' of tweets wishing J-Hope on this birthday blooming at the time when J-Hope was live streaming. It showed cities around the world light up simultaneously as the Army took to Twitter to wish him with the hashtags #HappyBirthdayJHOPE #HappyBirthdayHoseok. 


J-Hope has also received wishes from fellow BTS members RM, Suga and Jin so far. RM was the first to tweet two selfies of J-Hope and himself while warmly wishing his fellow bandmate a happy birthday. Following the BTS leader, one of the older members Suga tweeted his birthday wishes for J-Hope. The translation roughly reads, “Hobihobi!! happy happy bday!! #HappyBdayHobi #ItsSugaHyung #StartofBirthdaysin2021”. Then it was Jin's turn who posted a hand-written note in Korean which said: "Hey J-Hope Happy Birthday".




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