Fans shocked by Bruno Mars's 'beach body' while on holiday with stunning girlfriend Jessica Caban

After Cardi B got slammed online for her body hair, Bruno Mars was next in line for the growing belly he comfortably flaunted at Punta Mita, Mexico

                            Fans shocked by Bruno Mars's 'beach body' while on holiday with stunning girlfriend Jessica Caban

While taking a break from his 24k Magic World Tour, Bruno Mars was spotted along with his longtime girlfriend, model, and actress Jessica Caban, spending a luxurious vacation in Punta Mita, Mexico. Ahead of his next concert on September 7 and the North American leg of his tour, the Grammy Award-winning artist, who seems to have put on some weight, was seen showing off a growing belly in a pair of floral boxers. 

In a set of images posted on Instagram, the 'Uptown Funk' singer was spotted relaxing by the beach sporting a set of printed swim trunks. Along with Caban, who flaunted her toned figure and long legs in a black and yellow leopard printed bikini wear, Mars seemed to be enjoying his vacation.



Fans were quick to spot Bruno's growing belly. In the pictures where Mars is seen sporting a straw hat as he joined his friends on the boat for fishing, fans commented about him putting on weight. While some made fun of it by commenting, "Someone got a little "chunky" over vacation 💖💖", others tried to overlook his evident weight gain by saying, "nothing happened he’s a person we all gain weight."

However, this is not the first time Mars has been the victim of body-shaming. In 2016, fans made fun of his height when he performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.


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Although Mars stole the show with his renditions of 'Chunky' and '24K Magic', he was still teased on how short he was. Several fans mocked him saying he would easily get stamped on by one of the models who are way taller than him. Some also made fun of the pair of heeled Christian Louboutin boots that he wore, claiming that he had them on to look taller than Lady Gaga, who also performed at the show. However, some fans didn't care about any of this and were thrilled by Mars' incredible performance. 


Mars isn't the only victim of online body-shaming for not standing up to people's definition of perfection. When Cardi B made a quirky style statement in a Moschino two-piece outfit and a bucket hat at the 2018 Grammy Awards, several fans made fun of the pop star's stomach hair. One follower commented, "heh this somehow turned into animal rights? I'm just here to turn up the BODY SHAMING again!! Don't want shamed, then handle your f---ing body like your mother and father taught you to! Why the f--- is everyone celebrating women that are so arrogant and have no reverence for society?? F--- you, even a nerd has to shave her ape ---, a celebrity should be all over it!  [sic]" 

However, here too, several fans took sides with the rapper and claimed that there was nothing shameful about growing body hair. One follower said, "ITS STOMACH HAIR OMG ARE YOU THAT DISGUSTED AND TERRIFIED OF IT? grow UP! we all have stomach hair and who dafq has time to shave their WHOLE body to impress disgusting men like you? that's right. NOBODY [sic]."