'Love of my life': Emma Heming pens emotional post as she marks 14 years of marriage to Bruce Willis

'Love of my life': Emma Heming pens emotional post as she marks 14 years of marriage to Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis and Emma Heming pictured before he got diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Emma Heming Willis celebrated her 14th wedding anniversary with her husband Bruce Willis, and she shared the special occasion with her followers on Instagram. Emma posted a photo of a bouquet of flowers that her friend sent to their home with a note wishing them a happy anniversary.

In her caption, Emma expressed her appreciation for the thoughtful gesture, which inspired her to reflect on the challenges faced by caregivers as Bruce suffers from frontotemporal dementia. She encouraged people to offer help without being asked, as a random act of kindness can have a significant impact.


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'I woke with my heart full'

Today marks 14 years of marriage to the greatest love of my life," Emma wrote on Instagram about her and her 'Die Hard' star husband Bruce Willis. "I woke with my heart full but what my mind kept going back to was another person's act of kindness yesterday I wanted to share as it inspired the heck out of me." she continued. Emma went on to explain the act by writing further, "In passing at a school event for our children, I mentioned to my friend that our anniversary was tomorrow. Cut to, I get a text from my friend later that day that said she left “a little something” for me at my door. It was this sweet bouquet of flowers (pictured) with a note that said Happy Anniversary amongst other things."



'This random act of kindness will honestly stay with me'

Talking about how hard special occasions can be on caregivers as the person wouldn't acknowledge the event with "changing brains", she further said, "It got me thinking about how hard these types of “special occasions” can be on caregivers. When usually our person would acknowledge the event, now their changing brains just can’t. And that is what it is." Emma said one should not ask what one can do but instead one should do it. "So my point is this. If you know someone that is looking after someone else, don’t ask what you can do, just do. This random act of kindness will honestly stay with me for a long time. I love you Juliya. You singlehandedly made this day special for us 💐💞 #randomactsofkindness #gratitude #friendship," she concluded.


Emma also shared the post in her Instagram stories captioning it, "It's a random act of kindness made my day." Emma also hinted at additional celebrations for their anniversary, as she shared a recap of their weekend together on her Instagram Story as they celebrated Bruce's 68th birthday. 

Earlier, Emma shared a group photo of the family captioned "it was a good day" with Bruce surrounded by his daughters and stepdaughters. Before that, she shared "He had the best time. He loved his apple pie," Emma said of Bruce's birthday. Emma also posted sweet home video footage of the actor on Instagram Sunday in celebration of his big day. "He is pure love. He is so loved. And I'll be loving him always. Happy Birthday my sweet 💌."



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 Bruce Willis' wife Emma Heming celebrates 14th wedding anniversary