Who is Bruce Friedman? Florida dad's mic cut off for reading 'porn' at school board meeting

Who is Bruce Friedman? Florida dad's mic cut off for reading 'porn' at school board meeting
Bruce Friedman's mic was cut off by the school board at a June 30 meeting when he was reading an excerpt from a book titled 'Lucky' (Fox News/Clay County District Schools)

A Florida dad was cut off during a school board meeting when he tried to expose the materials he said were being taught in schools.

Clay County School District dad Bruce Friedman is the president of Florida's No Left Turn in Education, a group focused on exposing indoctrination in US public schools. At a June 30 school board meeting, Friedman began to read from "Lucky" by Alice Sebold, a story of a college girl who was raped that included details of the attack. The title 'Lucky' was included in the online library software at Fleming Island High School and Orange Park High School in Clay County. When he wanted to point this out, the concerned dad's microphone was cut off by the school board, saying that the content he was reading was "pornography."


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"These books are so vile that reading any excerpt that I captured will end this interview," Friedman told Fox News. "Somebody failed drastically in their mission to protect children. As soon as I announced that I was going to read from some books that parents… found in the public school libraries that are clearly pornographic, [they] had the mic cut off."

"I'm going to read things; if there's children watching, cover their ears," Friedman said at the June 30 school board meeting as he was about to read Alice Sebold's 'Lucky'. However, a board member interjected. "I'm going to stop you right there, sir," Friedman was told. "Turn off his microphone, please."

"Why?" Friedman asked. "The problem is, sir, that these meetings are broadcast, there are people at home that are watching it on YouTube," one of the board members responded. "There are people that are watching it on community television. Are you going to listen? Or are you going to run your mouth?"

The board told the dad he wouldn't be allowed to read "pornography" on the broadcast as it violated the law. "There are federal and state laws that prohibit you from saying the things that you're getting out to say on television. There are state laws that prohibit and federal communications laws that prohibit you from publishing these things to a child. You don't have the ability at this point to determine who's watching the television show. And for you to say, ‘everybody cover your ears’ just doesn't cut it," the dad was told.


Friedman demanded his time on the floor back. "You'll get it back, but you'll get it back to talk about something besides reading pornography into a public television set," he was told. The dad became an advocate to protect children in schools from curricula he deemed to be "poison."

Friedman told Fox News that he simply wanted his 15-year-old son to study useful subjects in the public school system and return home unharmed. "In my experience, people don't get off the couch until it's on fire. People don't work to protect their children until they're harmed. In my case, the same applies. I sent my son to New York… public school for kindergarten and first grade – they did considerable harm to my boy," he told the outlet.

"That is why I'm here – I never shook it off. I never stopped fighting. We got him into a private school promptly after first grade, but the damage was done. It took five years, in my opinion, to put him back on the right track," he added.

Friedman described his son as "bright," "gifted" and "a fine young man who is considerably smarter than I am," adding, "He makes me proud, but I am not going to stick him in a school with groomers and pedophiles and twisted sick people that think these… books and many like them are okay to present to a child. They are not okay. There's no literal literary value to any of this. It's poison."

Friedman also expressed concern about critical race theory being taught in schools. "In my opinion," he said, "[it] is the worst piece of any curriculum to ever be presented to an American child. It is so much worse than anyone could possibly believe that it's mind-boggling. To be prepared for that battle, I took courses as if I was going to be required to teach critical race theory. I know it that well. I know exactly how bad it is, and it is bad for children of every color," he explained.


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Friedman noted that CRT had alternative names such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); as well as intersectionality and inclusivity "All of that is the same junk. And all of it is designed to divide us and make us hate each other. Our children deserve better. They should be taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. Put them on the bus and send them home safe. Do your job. Stay in your lane," he insisted.

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