The Brothers Osborne are adamant they will not just 'shut up and sing'!

The Brothers Osborne are hoping that through their music, they will be able to be a voice for all those who are unable to speak up.

                            The Brothers Osborne are adamant they will not just 'shut up and sing'!
The Brothers Osborne (Source : Getty Images)

Brothers Osborne have been known to openly share their thoughts (some may say preach) on social media. TJ and John Osborne understand that social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook work the best when communication is two way.

As reported by Taste of Country, the brothers are keen to give a voice to those who need one. The Brothers do take sides once in a while but they are always open to conversation.

John says, "People are very polar in what they watch and the information they take in, so there’s a lot of confusion right now as to who to listen to. And I think it’s the perfect time for artists to speak up."

"This is our time, this is our calling. We’re the people with the voice. So you can tell us to ‘Shut up and sing,’ but that’s not our duty. Our duty is to write songs for people that are feeling something and don’t know how to express it. Our job is to make people feel something and it also is becoming our job to speak up for those people," John continues. 

A line from their new 'Port Saint Joe' album shows off their forever-chill attitude, "Can you almost taste it / Light one up and take it / Down and notch and pop a top and / Calm your country ass down".

33-year-old TJ shares, "I feel like our fans want us to say something, want us to speak for them. Some of them probably don’t, but you know ultimately there are some things where I do feel it feels like if I stay quiet in this time where something is very clearly wrong, then it feels like I’m a bit of a sellout."

"Also, there was a time where artists were the voice, right? They were the ones that were willing to push the boundaries. They were the ones will to say things that maybe should not have been said. And somewhere along the way, we lost it," 35-year-old John Osborne continues. 

For the most part, Port Saint Joe album does not touch the subject of social messages though the final song from the album, 'While You still Can' became something much more than just music after the Brothers Osborne performed it on the Bobby Bones Show days after the Las Vegas shooting on October 1, during the Route 91 concert. 

TJ recalls, "The show we played after Route 91. We did a meet and greet and there were about 30 people that came through the line to meet us and John and I both were almost fighting back tears because we thought, ‘It could have been you,’ ... It was just really emotional. I think it really bonded us."