Brothers attack man in court after he pleads guilty to shooting their mother to death, reveals dramatic footage

Brothers attack man in court after he pleads guilty to shooting their mother to death, reveals dramatic footage

Two brothers were caught on camera as they jumped past court security and launched an attack on the culprit who was convicted of killing their mother. The convict, 62-year-old Dale Williams appeared in an Ohio courtroom on July 11 to be sentenced for shooting 46-year-old Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart in June 2017. 

Dramatic footage obtained by The Sun showed the brothers, 30-year-old Anthony Dees and 23-year-old Jerome Stewart, launch an attack on Williams just before their sister was going to deliver a victim impact statement. 

Earlier, Williams had pleaded guilty to the murder. Officers who were present in the courtroom fought hard to keep the brothers away from Williams and evacuate the courtroom. Eventually one of the officers had to use his taser on Stewart. 

 Later, Stewart can be seen cooperating with the guards as they direct him to lie on his front with his hands behind his back. As the guards put their handcuffs on Stewart he can be heard telling them "Killed my mother, man. That was my momma. She took care of me, bro. Nobody else did."


Talking about the court brawl, judge Maurine Sweeney told  21WFMJ, "You don’t assault anybody. It's a crime. The deputies did a great job. They really did. We had several in here. And as soon as it erupted, they all came up. So they had it under control very quickly."

Justifying the use of the taser on Stewart, Sheriff Jerry Greene said, "That's a less-than-lethal type of use of force. And the way that it was used to prevent additional people from getting into the melee, and then eventually deployed on the one individual who would not stop punching, it was almost done picture perfect."

Both Stewart and Dees were arrested and charged with assault and obstructing official business. Williams shot the 46-year-old mother on a Youngstown street on June 15, 2017, morning. The duo had previously been in a relationship. 


CCTV footage revealed Williams waiting in his van on Pledger-Stewart's regular route to work for 48 minutes before he rammed her car off the road. Williams later surrendered to the police who arrived at the scene as the shooting happened. 

Prosecutors at William's trial said that Pledger-Stewart had pleaded for her life but Williams had shared to detectives that he "didn't have time for that - it was too late".

Around 11 hours before Pledger-Stewart was murdered, she filed a case with the cops stating that Williams was "upset and was accusing her of seeing someone else" and that he told her he will "get her in the streets", the website reported. 

Due to the attack, his sentencing has been delayed but Williams faces a prison term of around 23 years to life.


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