'Brother Vs Brother': Jonathan wins guest bedroom challenge, fans say Drew 'got robbed' as his rooms were better

'Brother Vs Brother': Jonathan wins guest bedroom challenge, fans say Drew 'got robbed' as his rooms were better
Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott (Getty Images)

The Scott brothers were tasked with creating guest/ kids bedrooms in this week's episode of 'Brother Vs Brother.' It was crucial for Drew to win the challenge to even out the scores. Jonathan had won three by now, while Drew bagged two wins.

This episode was his chance to level the game but HGTV design expert Orlando Soria thought Jonathan's vibrant and bold wallpapers added a special and exquisite touch to the overall look and feel of the house next door. Also, he was impressed by how he balanced the noise from the wallpapers by attaching them with a bathroom that was minimalistic. 

As the season moves into the finale, Drew has one last chance to take home the winning title. Will he beat Jonathan? Time will tell. 

Meanwhile, fans, on 'Property Brothers' Facebook page, have criticized Jonathan's work this time with some even calling that his wallpaper choices put them off. 

"That blue wallpaper in Jonathan’s bedroom is scary AF. Those owls would give me nightmares," a fan commented, while another shared: "I loved Drew's house! Jonathan is great but too much wallpaper."

"Jonathan's rooms were way too busy. I couldn't rest in any of them. Drew's were beautiful and he should have won," a user commented, while another pointed out: "I didn't like Johnathan's rooms at all."

"I usually prefer Jonathan's designs, but tonight Drew got robbed," a fan expressed. "In my opinion Drew won, hands down," another wrote. 

Although Drew has hardly ever sounded and expressed his disappointment over a loss, losing out on this challenge puts him at a disadvantage. The brothers are one challenge away and going into the finale with a win will help boost confidence. However, Drew knows how to make a solid comeback. This season didn't begin well for him. He lost to Jonathan twice in a row but was able to claim the No. 1 spot in no time with his special design skills and ability to create statement renovation projects under budget. 

Catch the 'Brother Vs. Brother' Season 7 finale on HGTV on October 14, Wednesday at 9/8c. Check your local listings for more information.

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