EXCLUSIVE | 'Home Before Dark' stars Brooklynn Prince and Jim Sturgess say Season 2 won't let fans down

Brooklyn Prince also opened up about taking inspiration from Hilde Lysiak while Jim Sturgess praised the writers for doing an amazing job

                            EXCLUSIVE | 'Home Before Dark' stars Brooklynn Prince and Jim Sturgess say Season 2 won't let fans down
Brooklynn Prince as Hilde Lisko and Jim Sturgess as Matthew Lisko in 'Home Before Dark' (Apple TV+)

Season 1 of Apple TV+’s ‘Home before Dark’ saw Brooklynn Prince playing the role of a nine-year-old girl named Hilde Lisko investigating a murder case in Erie Harbor, a small fictional town in Washington.

Inspired by the real-life story of Hilde Lysiak, a young investigative reporter who publishes the local newspaper Orange Street News, the series chronicles the journey of Hilde (Prince) trying to solve a murder case in a small lakeside town. While there, her dogged pursuit of the truth leads her to unearth a cold case that everyone in town, including her father Matthew Lisko (Jim Sturgess), tried hard to bury. The show did an amazing job in maintaining the supportive environment that Hilde received in her real life. The relationship between Prince and Sturgess was a treat to watch and they took the series to a whole new level with their impeccable acting skills.


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With Season 2 just around the corner, Prince and Sturgess caught up with MEAWW and opened up about various aspects of the show and how the stakes are higher this time around.

Prince rose to fame with an award-winning performance in the movie ‘The Florida Project’. Since then, she has been one of the brightest talents in the entertainment industry. With ‘Home before Dark’, she once again has proved that why she could be the next big thing in Hollywood. But playing a real-life person was not easy and required a lot of research.


When asked why did she choose to take up the role of Hilde, Prince revealed that she really wanted to play the character after reading the script and even dressed like her when she went for the audition.

“At first, I kind of heard that I am going to do a TV show and when I read the script, I really liked it. And then I looked at the girl and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing’. So, I did my homework and at the time of the audition, I was like ‘okay, I am going to wear this because that looks like Hilde’. So, I did the audition with my dad who kept messing up his lines and prayed to god that I would get the part. And I was really happy when I got the part.”

The young actress also noted that she and her mother, Courtney Prince, who is also her acting coach, got “really deep” into the character and feels that Hilde Lysiak is an integral “part” of her life now. 


Talking about Season 2, Prince reassured her fans that they'll "not be let down" by the upcoming edition. On the other hand, Brooklynn’s on-screen dad Jim Sturgess was really excited when he got to know that there will be a Season 2 as well. Sturgess also shared that he was “as intrigued as anybody else was to know” what will happen in the upcoming season.

Sturgess said, “I’ve never been involved in a second season of something before. I mean, any TV show that I have been a part of has been a sort of mini-series. So, to shoot something that is wide open and the possibilities are kind of endless was hugely exciting. I was as intrigued as anybody else was to know what the writers were coming up with for the story and where the story is going to go in Season 2 and how they are going to connect the Richie Fife story to the upcoming season with Hilde doing new investigations.”


The ‘Geostorm’ star also praised the writers for doing an “amazing job” on Season 2 and shared that it was really exciting to read the scripts and analyze what would happen in the next episode.

“That’s one of the great things about being on an episodic TV show is that we are getting the scripts as the characters are sort of learning about their own journey and we get really excited whether we have read about what’s happening in the upcoming episodes. We are just as much a part of the audience as the audience themselves in a fun and interesting way,” Sturgess added.

Brooklyn Prince (Hilde Lisko) and Jim Sturgess (Matthew Lisko) in 'Home Before Dark' (Apple TV+)

‘Home before Dark’ is created by Dana Fox and Dara Resnik. Fox is known for writing several Hollywood movies like ‘What Happens in Vegas’, ‘Couples Retreat’ and most recently, ‘Cruella’. Meanwhile, Resnik’s writing credits include ‘Daredevil’, ‘Castle’, ‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘Shooter’.

Season 2 of ‘Home before Dark’ arrives on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 11.

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