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Brooklyn-Nine Nine's Stephanie Beatriz will make hell of a Batwoman, here's why she deserves a chance

Stephanie Beatriz joked in a tweet that she's reading up all about 'Batwoman'
Stephanie Beatriz and Ruby Rose (IMDb)
Stephanie Beatriz and Ruby Rose (IMDb)

An unsettling day for 'Batwoman' fans as Ruby Rose announced that she would be exiting The CW show, for reasons not made clear. While fans are rather upset about this decision, speculations have already begun on who could play the masked vigilante. Here's a hot take: how about Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz?

The actress, who plays Rosa Diaz, tweeted, "*Reads everything about Batwoman," leading fans to pray that she just might take on the role. Others just hoped that she will get cast in 'She-Hulk', as she had expressed profound interest in taking up the show. She had said that Jennifer Walters/ She-Hulk was one of the best characters in the Marvel Universe. In an interview to ET, she said, "I would die to play that role. That is so flattering. That is one of the best characters in that universe."

While Beatriz is a good option for She-Hulk, there's no denying that she can make a pretty convincing Batwoman too, and add gravitas to the role as well. We have all seen her tough-cop image as Rosa on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', which means that she can definitely take up the mantle of a vigilante, who has to deal with numerous villains, one of them being her own sinister sister. It would be fun to see Beatriz beat up the bad guys, something she does on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' anyway.  But this time, with red hair and a mask. 

Beatriz has brought out the human side to Rosa on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', which means she can easily tap into the complexity of Batwoman and portray the numerous shades of the character as well. Beatriz's craft lies in the fact that she can show Rosa's emotional human nature without being too sappy and losing sight of the character. 

Apart from this, Beatriz has charisma and comedic talent to do full justice to the role and this might just be what The CW show needs. Unfortunately, the show could not do justice to Rose's acting potential and she deserved better than the stilted dialogues they wrote for her. Hopefully, when 'Batwoman' returns in the fall of 2021, we see more cogent storylines and better scripts for a good actor. *Let it be Beatriz please*.

Who wouldn't want to see Beatriz play Batwoman?