Brooklyn man kills mother, stabs father during argument over why he came home barefoot

Brooklyn man kills mother, stabs father during argument over why he came home barefoot

A man from Brooklyn reportedly killed his mother and stabbed his father during an argument over shoes, a police source said on Sunday, May 26, according to reports.

The suspect, identified as 55-year-old  Oscar Rodriguez Jr, is suspected of plunging a knife into his 77-year-old mother Maria Rodriguez after flying into a fit of rage. The incident occurred after Maria attempted to break up a fight between her husband and her son at their apartment in Bushwick late on Friday, May 24, the New York Post reported.

According to the outlet, Rodriguez Jr. had just returned home barefoot when his father, Oscar Rodriguez, questioned him on why he wasn't wearing any footwear. The son reportedly became enraged and allegedly stabbed his father in the arms and chest, then killed his mother and fled.

The elderly couple reportedly lay covered in blood until their son in law, 63-year-old Artelio Reyes, discovered them on Saturday, May 25, evening inside the apartment at Garden and Noll streets. Reyes became worried after he couldn't reach them by phone and eventually climbed through a window at the Bushwick home.

The father, who survived the attack, told authorities that his son had attacked them. He reportedly suffered serious injuries. Authorities arrested Rodriguez Jr. after they received an unrelated 911 call about an emotionally disturbed and violent person roaming around in the area on Saturday, May 25. Police reportedly took Rodriguez Jr. to the psychiatric unit of Woodhull Hospital. The officials, however, did not at the time know that Rodriguez Jr. was linked to the Brooklyn murder.

A neighbor, while talking to the outlet, said that Rodriguez Jr. had clashed with his mother in the past. "They did not get along. I am shocked she’s gone. [It’s] horrible," the neighbor said.

Reports state that the 55-year-old, who is still in the psych unit, had not been charged with the crime as of Sunday, May 26. Police are reportedly yet to speak with him because the hospital is not cooperating in the case, a source added in The Post. Detectives, meanwhile, are trying to get a search warrant to retrieve the suspected bloody pajamas Rodriguez Jr. was wearing at the time of the crime when he was picked up by officials.


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