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Who is Brittney Hayes? ‘Creepy’ Joe Biden gets flirty with veteran nurse, gushes she ‘looks like a freshman’

After Biden questioned her age and experience, she clarified politely with a laugh that she has been a Registered Nurse for the last nine years
Brittney Hayes (L) and Joe Biden (R) (Instagram / @bhayes.00 / Getty Images)
Brittney Hayes (L) and Joe Biden (R) (Instagram / @bhayes.00 / Getty Images)

President Joe Biden has found himself on the edge of a controversy after his teleconference meeting with a nurse turned awkward. In the meeting — which also had Vice President Kamala Harris — Biden reportedly asked the veteran nurse Brittney Hayes: "Are you a freshman at the university?" The question is now being deemed flirtatious and inappropriate for the president.

Although Hayes, a nurse from Arizona State University, continued briefing the president about the status of the Covid-19 vaccination pod at State Farm Stadium, Biden interrupted her by asking the controversial question. He later circled back to the topic by adding that she "looked" like a freshman. The president might have tried passing a compliment but it was soon criticized by many, including the opposition. 


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Who is Brittney Hayes?

During the interview, Hayes introduced herself as the 'head charge nurse' at the vaccination pod at State Farm Stadium. After Biden questioned her age and experience, she clarified politely with a laugh that she has been a Registered Nurse (RN) for the last nine years. 

Hayes is presently a Lead Clinical Supervisor at Arizona State University, who has been appointed to head the Covid-19 vaccination pod at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. On her LinkedIn profile, the bio reads, "FNP student seeking Preceptor."

Hayes was selected alongside Dr Christ, the Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, Tammy Littrell, the Acting Regional Administrator for FEMA and Major Gen. Michael McGuire, commander of the Arizona National Guard — to walk the president and vice president on a virtual tour of the vaccination pod. 

During the 41-minute long session, Hayes meticulously explained her daily work details at the ground and how she and her staff manage to maintain safety while administering the vaccines. 

Brittney Hayes (Instagram / @bhayes.00)

What was the conversation between Biden and Hayes?

The official transcript of the conversation between the president and Hayes, released by the White House, shows the controversial questions from Biden's end. Brief excerpts of the conversation have been provided below.

Hayes: "Hi, I’m Brittney Hayes. I’m with Arizona State University. I’m the head charge nurse here at the vaccination pod at State Farm Stadium. So I’m just going to walk you guys through the process.


The President: We're really proud of you.

Hayes: Thank you. Thank you, sir.

The President: No, I really mean it. Tell me about the number of volunteers. Are these pure volunteers? Do they get per diem or are they pure volunteers?

Brittney Hayes (Instagram / @bhayes.00)


The President: Last question I have: How can we best support you and other frontline workers?

Hayes: That’s a great question. So, the collaboration that I have with FEMA, all of the other state — everybody that I’ve partnered with here, I get nothing but the utmost support and it’s been amazing to collaborate with everybody. They check-in. If I need something, it’s done. They know that I’m trying to do everything to make this safe and efficient. So, support. Yeah.

The President: Are you a freshman at the university? (Laughs)

Hayes: No. No. (Laughter). No

The President: You look like a freshman. 

Hayes: Why, thank you."



Later, Biden also interrupted Vice-President Harris while she expressed her sincere gratitude towards Hayes and her team. The conversation is given below. 

The Vice President: That’s great. Thank you so very much. You’re doing it, and you’re making a huge difference, and you are inspiring all of us. So thank you for everything you are doing. It really does matter in such a big way.
Thank you.

Hayes: Thank you.

The President: And you’re a — are you a nurse?

Hayes: I am. I’m a nurse. I’m an RN. I’ve been an RN for about nine years now. 

Biden ended the conversation with Hayes with the remark, "Doctors let you live; nurses make you want to live. If there’s any angels in Heaven, they’re all nurses, male and female. And that’s not an exaggeration."

Brittney Hayes (Facebook)

Joe Biden's past controversies

This is not the first time the president has found himself at the helm of controversy for his comments or gestures. During the 2020 presidential campaign, he was called "Creepy Joe" by Donald Trump.

In fact, Biden had even released a video before the start of his campaign acknowledging his behavior and tactile gestures that make people "uncomfortable" and resolved to be "mindful" in the future.

President Joe Biden (Getty Images)

Users on social media were quick to slam the 'flirty' comments. Donald Trump Jr was the first to jump in, saying, "Cringe." One commented, "Psycho man!!! CRINGE: Joe Biden Creeps on a Nurse, Repeatedly Asks Her if She Is a Freshman in College (VIDEO)." A user quipped, "Good ol creepy Joe is back," with a meme.

One posted, "Joe Biden TODAY to young nurse: 'Are you a freshman? You look like a freshman.' What a disgusting creep." Another added, "Biden tells veteran nurse she looks like a college freshman-Creepy Biden is back! Why aren’t the feminist & me too Democrats outraged over Biden creepy remarks!"