'The Bachelor' star Britt Nilsson welcomes first child Noa Ellis Joy with husband Jeremy Byrne

'Hello! My Name is Noa Ellis Joy Byrne and I was born June 23 at 5:52 am, 9lb[s] and 21 inches long!' Nilsson wrote from the baby girl’s perspective

                            'The Bachelor' star Britt Nilsson welcomes first child Noa Ellis Joy with husband Jeremy Byrne
Britt Nilsson (Getty Images)

‘The Bachelor’ alum Britt Nilsson on Saturday, June 27, shared some happy news. On Instagram, Nilsson announced that earlier this week, she gave birth to her first child. Welcoming her newborn daughter Noa Ellis Joy, Nilsson wrote from the baby’s perspective. 

“Hello! My Name is Noa Ellis Joy Byrne and I was born June 23 at 5:52 am, 9lb[s] and 21 inches long!” she wrote. Further, she explained the meaning of the name.

“NOA is a Hebrew girls’ name that means ‘movement’ or ‘motion’. In Japanese, it means ‘My love’ or ‘from love’. In Hawaiian, it means ‘freedom’ or ‘sea of freedom’. In Arabic, it means ‘higher’ and ‘genius’.”

Nilsson added, “To us, it means the cutest little squishy warrior princess angel nugget ever born on this earth. It’s also a biblical story in Numbers about five daughters asking Moses for their fathers’ inheritance and God blessing their request before that was even remotely happening in society. Get it, girl! So basically we love it for all the reasons!”

“ELLIS,” the new mother further explained, “ means 'Yahweh is God’, ‘My God is Jehovah’ or ‘The Lord is my God’. JOY means JOY!!!” She shared this message with a photo of newborn Noa Ellis Joy.

She shared three more posts. The first one was three separate photos of the baby, captioned: “Squooooshhhyyy I love you more than words could ever say. And yes, I’m probably gonna post a lot of pictures. I can’t help it!”

The second was a series of photos of husband Jeremy Byrne and the baby. It had a long caption. She wrote, “Happy belated Father’s Day to the world’s best dad!”

She further wrote, “Oh my gosh how fun to say! Jer you have been such a champ already. Thank you for being the best support during the whole pregnancy, the intense labor and delivery (woooo!) and even now in my recovery... so patiently comforting me when I’m crying mama tears over pain from breastfeeding, stitches, soreness, sleepiness, and just as passionately celebrating with me as I cry joyful tears of bliss as we fall in love with our little girl together!”

“This is the most beautiful and holy time I’ve ever experienced and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. The way you take care of her and me and never hesitate to wake up, pitch in at 2 am (and 4 am, and 6 am, and 8 am...) makes me feel so loved and so excited for our little Noa to be fathered by such a generous, kind and noble Daddy. Not to mention the most fun one! Here’s to embarking on the best and hardest and most wild and rewarding and heavenly adventure ever!!! I love you!!!,” she added.

The final post was photos of her and the baby. She wrote, “Ok last pic today, I promise. Just this moment! Meeting you, our little Noa for the very first time, just seconds after you came out! Carrying you for nine months and then finally getting to see your precious face and actually hold you in my arms, even after so much physical pain and exhaustion, was the most pure, holy, lovely, and profound thing I’ve experienced as a human being on this earth.”

“Thank you for being our treasure, precious girl. There is nothing like this love! Thank You, Jesus, for a healthy baby girl — bless bless bless her every day of her life and help us to be good parents! Ahhhhhh!!! I can’t even believe it... ok... wow wow wow!! My heart!!!!” she added.

Nilsson and Byrne got married in 2017. She announced her pregnancy in December 2019. Nilsson was a contestant on season 19 of 'The Bachelor', where she was eliminated in week seven. Later, she also appeared on Season 11 of 'The Bachelorette'. 

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