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Is Britney Spears OK? Singer wants to 'go to the Pink Planet', fans wonder if it is a 'cryptic code' for help

The pop icon has many of her fans concerned with her cryptic and mostly bizarre posts on social media with the recent one talking about wanting to go to a pink planet
UPDATED OCT 14, 2020
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Lately, Britney Spears has been worrying fans with her posts. Just a few days ago, she shared a photo of herself covered in henna. While most fans asked whether there was a cryptic message written in the henna markings, others wondered if she was alright.

Her latest Instagram post worried fans even more. She shared a photo of a pink planet and wrote, "This is the PINK PLANET.... aka GJ 504b... the planet made of pink gas!!!!! It's even four times more massive than Jupiter!!!!! Can I just go here already?"

Concerned fans commented, "Is she okay?" Another one asked, "Something is so off." Another wrote, "I feel like every post is cryptic code for something..."

"Are you okay, girl?" one worried fan wrote, with a series of sad emoticons. "Is this where they have taken you, Britney?" another commented. One fan theorized, "She keeps posting about pink. There has to be symbology about pink she wants us to know." One more said, "We love you, Britney, stay strong." 

Just a few days ago, Britney shared a video of herself in the bathtub showing a rose-shaped soap. When she dipped the soap into the water she wiped on her leg and her hand was covered with a red stain that looks like blood. In her caption, she wrote, "It’s just soap!!!!" and she kept repeatinh the same thing in the clip. Fans were legitimately terrified and wondered if she was bleeding, with others noting that "she was shaking a lot", which could mean signs of anxiety. Britney is determined to show that she has a cheerful outlook on life and is brimming with positivity.

She posted a picture of a fairy on her account with the caption which revealed her new attitude. "Hope you guys have a happy Tuesday!!!! Make sure you take the time and try to understand WHY all of this is happening in our world," she began. "What can we all do to make things better??? How can we inspire the next generation for beautiful change??? Miracles happen when you dream TOGETHER…. so it’s very hard being told we all have to isolate!!!!" Britney continued and added, "I’m working on my faith and I pray every day!!!! Hope you guys are taking this time to know yourselves a little bit better..... GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! Ps try being silent today... breathe in and out and know you are all beautiful!!!!"